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Period came and I feel awful

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Pohara1 Sun 09-Apr-17 20:58:44

Just that. I knew it was going to as I have one healthy tube and one slightly an normal tube and this cycle was abnormals turn. But even still, I feel very disappointed as well as crampy, moody and in desperate need of chocolate. Added to that I sent dp out for the night but now that he's gone, I feel very alone.

physicskate Sun 09-Apr-17 22:09:40

I feel that way every month too. Ttc long term is shit.

Pohara1 Sun 09-Apr-17 23:14:55

The ridiculous length of waiting time for hospital appointments doesn't help either.

NeverGoOutOfStyle Sun 09-Apr-17 23:22:10

I get really really down when AF came this month. I had gotten hopeful and I know I shouldn't let that happen! It really, really sucks.

haveacupoftea Sun 09-Apr-17 23:57:40

Try not to worry too much about your tube. I conceived in 4 months with one ovary and one tube. I never believed people when they said I wouldnt have problems but they were right. Good luck for next month.

Gaggleofgirls Mon 10-Apr-17 00:03:45

Just stay positive and buy a big tub of ice cream for consolation.

It really is shit at the time, I found some ebook online all about Chinese herbal stuff etc. Stupidly can't think what it's called but I've got two DDs now having taken 7yrs TTC prior so it's def worth a look. It's all herbs/acupuncture/diet seems stupidly hippy dippy but it worked twice for me personally.

Pohara1 Mon 10-Apr-17 00:44:36

I'd try anything at the moment. We're ttc #3 but it would be our first together. I think because I had no problems with ds 11and dc 10, I kinda convinced myself that this time would be the same, even though I knew that there would be issues. If that makes sense?

Gaggleofgirls Mon 10-Apr-17 21:17:57

It must be very frustrating that way round. I was told at 21 I couldn't have kids so the fact it took 7yrs was actually amazing at all.
I'd recommend acupuncture and it was this detox/supplements thing that shook my system.

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