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Hello cycle 5. No longer a newbie,not quite an experienced practitioner. Anyone else?

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NoSuchThing Sat 08-Apr-17 20:51:37

Name: NoSuch
Age: 36 next week
Cycle: 5 about to get going (4)
Cd: minus 1/2 (25)

Have been keeping an eye on these threads for a little while, hoping I will be one of the 'lucky' ones it happens for really quickly. Turns out I'm not. Who'd have thought?! At my age?

Mummyme87 Sun 09-Apr-17 08:03:13

Morning, I am cycle 5 TTC #2. DS wasn't planned so I assumed I would fall pregnant pretty much after coming off the pill. Well I'm 8dpo in cycle 5 and still waiting. It's so disappointing. I was feeling very hopeful mid week for this cycle but those symptoms have settled now I think 😞

IPokeBadgers Mon 10-Apr-17 21:02:47

Yeah, me too. Had been keeping an eye on my cycle for a long time to try and get the knowledge of how things worked before we started officially feels like I've been thinking about this for a long time.

Age: just turned 38
Cycle: 5
CD: 25....AF due in next day or two and got a BFN on a test earlier and all pmt signs in full swing.

Feeling a bit down, the early enthusiasm is wearing off and some big life issues (horrendous job situation) haven't helped. Feeling a bit panicked about this in addition to everything in case there are genuine problems even though logically I know it would take a while. Doesn't help that DH doesn't like having to "perform" within a certain time frame which gives me the rage because if I don't instigate it doesn't happen at all! Grrrr!

NoSuchThing Mon 10-Apr-17 21:43:07

Mummyme does that make you 10 dpo today? That's always the very worst bit for me... totally obsessive "Am I, aren't I? Maybe it's a late implanted" etc etc. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. It's got to happen for someone, right?

NoSuchThing Mon 10-Apr-17 21:50:34

IPokeBadgers I can identify with a fair bit of your post. I started tracking my cycles when my Mirena came out last Autumn, and am pretty much over the whole process! I'm on cd2 over here and am not going to temp this month.
Also the job thing, my current job is secure, but totally uninspiring. Had said I would consider looking for a new job if I wasn't pregnant by my birthday,but just keep thinking what if this is the month, and I walk away from maternity entitlements.
Just so bleh...

IPokeBadgers Mon 10-Apr-17 22:43:54

Nosuchthing - yeah, the maternity entitlements issue. My job is probably secure but a terrible internal politics situation has resulted in me now off on stress. The idea of going back makes me feel physically ill and for my mental health I might have to move on, after over a decade 😡 Have been saving like crazy to build up a mat leave financial cushion but if I end up unemployed it could get swallowed up with living costs.

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