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Could I be?

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Bananamama1213 Thu 06-Apr-17 20:40:41

I already have two children (5 and 3).
I would like a third, but I wanted to fall pregnant in a May, June or July time. And to have a planned baby (first two were a surprise, I had no symptoms before the positive test so can't go off that)

My cycle is apparently 55 days (basically I skip one month). So my period was December and then February. I am now 7 days late.

I came off the pill on 17th March (due to running out, then I decided I wanted my body to have a break of the pill).

17th March - took last pill
18th - unprotected sex
22nd - unprotected sex
24th - protected
30th - protected
1st April - unprotected, pull out
2nd - beginning unprotected, ending protected

During this time, I thought I was due on but it just didn't appear. I had all the signs (tender breasts, cramps etc) but nothing!

I've noticed that my breasts have constantly been tender (feels like when I was breastfeeding, kind of engorged feeling). I am going for a wee more often and I don't feel hungry.

But, when I visited my friend today I could really smell her litter tray. I've never been able to smell it before.

I wonder if I'm just noticing things more because I'm worried.. I don't think I would get a positive until next weekend (4 weeks after we first had unprotected).

Sarah2406 Thu 06-Apr-17 20:45:49

They could well be symptoms, they could also be phantom symptoms. The only real way to tell is to take a pregnancy test.

Bananamama1213 Thu 06-Apr-17 20:50:06

I have taken a few pregnancy tests and all negative. Thought it may be too early as it was only 2 weeks ago we had unprotected, but my period was due 1 week ago.

I've never had any confusion when pregnant with my other children as I didn't have periods.. I came off depo injection and fell pregnant before I got my periods back, and with my second I fell pregnant the day after coming off the pill as it was giving me constant bleeding.

With both, it was literally just me taking a test at random. I do that occasionally just because.

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