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TTC after ectopic ..

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Misschanel08 Thu 06-Apr-17 20:10:26

Hello ladies, I had an ectopic a little over a year ago now .. and that ended in me having my left tube removed .. they checked the health of my other one said it was fine and healthy and my ovaries were very healthy so all was well .. back then I fell pregnant within 3 weeks .. but since the ectopic I haven't fallen pregnant & nothing's happened and I'm worrying that maybe it's never going to happen? Has anyone got any success stories or know of a next step I should maybe take (I'm 19) yes I know I'm young before anyone says but I have my own place with my partner ect who's a few years older and we're ready.. and in a good place .. this is the next chapter for us hopefully .. but I'm feeling so down and upset a lot of the time thinking it's not going to happen I have also been looking into IUI .. but he's not keen as he wants it all to be natural and doesn't think I need it .. be nice to hear back from you ladies with your stories 🤗!

bigcakes Fri 07-Apr-17 15:09:53

The same thing happened to me and I needed a tube removing too. Since then I've had my son so it's definitely possible! Just give yourself time to heal emotionally and physically and it will happen. There's no reason only having one tube will prevent you from having a baby.

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