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purplechoc Thu 06-Apr-17 08:04:47

First proper post

I came off the pill mid February and had a withdrawal bleed a few days later. I then had a completely average cycle, and seemed to ovulate on day 15 as I had pain in my lower right stomach and egg white cm, I never normally get this on the pill. I was then really surprised to get my period on day 28 as thought they would be totally irregular.

This month I thought I would try and pinpoint ovulation to make sure I knew when I do ovulate to ttc in the next few months, but have had no ovulation pain and no egg white cm. I did opks 5 days in a row from day 15 and all negative. Do people always get ovulation symptoms if they get them so I just haven't ovulated this month, or did I just miss it?

Bows85 Thu 06-Apr-17 19:22:53

Hey @purplechoc

There's no real way of knowing for sure, unfortunately! Any one of those options could be the reason you haven't had a positive OPK.

Some women get ovulation pain, others don't - I myself have never had it. I'm sure there will be women on here who sometimes do, sometimes don't.

You may have missed your surge, I am sure this is very easily done! Diluted urine/wrong time of day can all play a part.

Some women do have occasional cycles without ovulating. Nothing to worry about and perfectly normal (if a little frustrating!).

Then there's the chance you just haven't ovulated yet. Our bodies can play silly beggars when coming off the pill, so you might not have settled into a ovulation pattern yet. If that's the case, keep doing your OPKs, you never know, you might get your positive in the next couple of days (but be prepared to wait longer!).

HTH smile

purplechoc Thu 06-Apr-17 23:09:09

Hi bows

Thanks for replying - I think I knew there's no way to really tell, just trying to understand this new ttc world! Have been on the pills for years and years so don't feel I know my body very well which is why I've come off a few months before ttc so I can get to understand my cycle!

I will keep doing them and hope all becomes more clear! Thank you!

Bows85 Fri 07-Apr-17 07:06:29

That's exactly what I did! Had no idea what my cycles were because I'd been on the pill for so long.

Unfortunately for me it turns out my cycles are bonkers with no pattern to them, whatsoever! I think I'm in the minority though. It seems as though most women fall into a regular cycle after a couple of months.

Good luck on your ttc journey!

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