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BBT help

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WantToGoingTo Thu 06-Apr-17 05:47:52

Can anyone give me insight to my chart? I haven't had a positive opk yet but they are getting darker. I thought chart should be more even but it looks all over the place! By prediction I should ovulate tomorrow is it normal to get a spike before an ovulation dip?

I have no idea what I am looking for haha!

AmyC86 Thu 06-Apr-17 06:56:15

How long have you been temping? Are you doing it right?

Digital thermometer
Under the tongue
After at least 4 hours of unbroken sleep
From bed, without even so much as sitting up.

How long have you been TTC? Also do you have regular cycles?

WantToGoingTo Thu 06-Apr-17 09:04:46

Been temping since cd1 this month. I do it in bed as soon as I wake up under tongue without even sitting up in the dark! I have regular 28 day cycles.

WantToGoingTo Thu 06-Apr-17 09:05:00

Oh been ttc for 2 months so not long

WantToGoingTo Thu 06-Apr-17 12:24:20

Positive opk just now! Now I'm really confused. So I should expect a dip in temp tomorrow if I have ovulated overnight?

physicskate Thu 06-Apr-17 19:15:36

If you ov overnight your temp will rise further. Some people dip just before ov, some don't. Google some charts - your looking for low temp before ov followed by higher set of temps after ov... so it will end up looking like a step... some months are more even in low temps (and then high temps) and some cycles are a bit more jagged. Basically, no pattern will really emerge until later in your cycle.

WantToGoingTo Thu 06-Apr-17 19:36:03

Ah ok so if I ov overnight should expect a higher temp tomorrow. Then sustained higher temps of pregnant, and lower temp if af arriving. Think I got it! Fingers crossed...

WantToGoingTo Fri 07-Apr-17 04:20:57

So does this mean I haven't ovulated yet? But if I get an increase tomorrow higher than the spike from yesterday then it stays high means I ovulated? So confused as wasn't expecting a massive dip after what you said yesterday!

physicskate Fri 07-Apr-17 06:54:56

Individual don't mean much - it really is the pattern you are looking for. Lots can affect your temp by the small increments we are trying to watch for!

That said, yes your temp will rise if you have ovulated (cannot comment on above or below the previous spike). You need three sustained higher temps to confirm ov. So it really is only in hindsight that you can tell... so it is really helpful building up a picture of how long after a positive op you ov.

WantToGoingTo Mon 10-Apr-17 05:33:42

Hi physics do you think this counts as3 sustained high temps as discounting higher temp on 6 March as an anomaly? :S I am so confused by my chart!

physicskate Mon 10-Apr-17 08:05:39

If your next temp is higher, then yes, that should be ov confirmed on the 15th. I also use fertility friend which is very geared towards temping.

WantToGoingTo Mon 10-Apr-17 08:28:58

Thanks, am still learning! Didn't temp last time I was ttc!

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