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Feeling lonely

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J1981 Wed 05-Apr-17 20:54:51

New to this, so apologies for the lack of acronyms!
I'm 35 and trying to conceive but feeling a bit unsupported by my other half.
We found out I was pregnant in December, it was unplanned (and I now know how annoying that is to hear) however I had quite a lot of bleeding and miscarried at 10 weeks. Since then my other half doesn't seem interested in trying to conceive again, he says he wants to, but doesn't behave like he does. In a row last week he accused me of pushing him into it too quickly after the miscarriage (I don't think I have, but have made him aware of my concerns about my age). I'm feeling like I'm going through the grief, emptiness and pain of not being pregnant on my own.
I started ovulation tests this week, have had positive readings from my first test and for the last 2 days (so 3 in a row), but am worried about telling my other half because I don't want him to feel like I'm pushing him.. any advice???

Stras Thu 06-Apr-17 13:31:15

It sounds like your OH may not have processed the loss from your miscarriage. Rather than jump on him, tempting as it might be, can you talk through is all gently together? I felt quite abandoned by mine for a while, and talking about what was going on, and giving some space, really helped. It's very difficult for us especially, feeling that godawful Daily Mail fertility cliff approaching, but it will be brilliant if we can do it as part of a team, and not separately. Good luck, and all fingers crossed for a BFP soon, and you and OH being reunited and happy.

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