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Positive or evap line??

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Caelaj07 Wed 05-Apr-17 18:44:29

I took a test as I'm a few days late but I am irregular. I accidentally peed all over the test window and it seeped under the plastic but a few minutes later a control line showed up and a very very faint pink test line showed up, it didn't run across with pink and then fade like it normally does it just showed up. Could this be a positive or an evap line?? I took another test afterwards and it didn't show a line but my urine was very concentrated

Caelaj07 Thu 06-Apr-17 15:37:21

Anybody had anything similar??

tissuesosoft Thu 06-Apr-17 15:41:39

I think I can see a line on the bottom one but the top one looks flooded

Caelaj07 Thu 06-Apr-17 20:58:14

I definitely flooded the bottom one but not the top one

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