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Are fertility clinics too pushy for IVF?

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MelsBells17 Tue 04-Apr-17 21:29:06

Hi there, I'm a really newbie to the site. My hubby and I have been trying to conceive for the best part of a year and given that I'll be turning 38 this year, I'm keen to look in to couples fertility testing/MOT.

The one concern I have is whether fertility clinics are totally impartial in their testing and advice or if they have a slight conflict of interest as they ultimately incentivised if their clients continue with further treatment such as IVF.

Am I being way too cynical? Thanks in advance for any friendly advice.

JeNeBaguetteRien Tue 04-Apr-17 22:29:54

Have you had any tests done yet? It might be worth asking GP for basic tests (blood tests for you, sperm analysis for DH) to have some idea of how things look before booking a private consultation. I did this and the particular clinic I went to did feel very pushy. Before the consultation they asked what we wanted to discuss and I ticked IUI and IVF but the consultant said IUI was a waste of time with my results with around 15% success rate and only discussed IVF with an "up to 30% success rate". I would have preferred an explanation of why IUI is such a no go as we are ultimately the customer. Also I'd quite like to give it a try for one cycle with those odds as it was less than a quarter of the price of an IVF cycle (said I'd need maximum doses of drugs). This may be true regarding the drugs etc. but it all felt very conveyor belt. I have NHS consultation this month and will see what they say. I'm also 37 so may prefer to go private than stay on waiting list (don't know yet what the wait time will be) but I will look into using a different clinic that was recommended to me on here.

MelsBells17 Tue 04-Apr-17 23:00:03

Thanks JeNeBaguetteRien, I'm currently getting the tests done. We are still waiting for my husband's results as they take quite a while. Do you mind me asking which clinic you went to?

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