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Newly diagnosed pcos - need some good vibes

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HollyWollyDooDah Tue 04-Apr-17 18:59:57

This will be a long one... sorry

I have a 6yo dd from my previous "marriage"
I struggled to fall pregnant with her but I did. My bloods showed low hormone levels and the second ones showed pregnancy.
Carried her to 29+4 when she made an emergency exit through the sunroof.
I can't remember why as I was completely off this planet (anaesthetic does that to me) but I think it was a problem with umbilical cord.

Anyway I've had lots of issues with cycles and pain and heavy periods. Had two laparoscopies and was put into menopause with a mirena in place.
Long story short they told me I have endometriosis, merina fell out and had the most horrendous blood loss ever. Got sent for a scan and that was it. Didn't hear anything. Went back to go around 6 months later for same symptoms and they said the scan had shown a shadow. I panicked as did my mum and partner. Went for another scan which apparently showed nothing.

Have been ttc for just over 2 years now and no joy. Did opk kits for Jan and feb this year and no ovulation.
Had my bloods redone, and another scan which the gp has just phoned me with the results.
I have pcos. My 21 day bloods are due tomorrow which he said to continue with as it'll show whether I've ovulated or not.

He also said that because of my age (28) that I should just carry on down the natural route and come back in the next year to two years if nothing has happened.

I was in shock so didn't really question anything as this phone call was completely out of the blue - wasn't expecting results until next week.
But basically I don't want to wait another two years, I didn't have a good pregnancy after 20 weeks with my first and it really knocked me for six and I'm worried that the longer we leave it the harder it will be to actually fall pregnant and then the pregnancy too. I'm well aware that I could have an amazing pregnancy next time round but we would like two or three more children and I just feel that time is not on our side.
I know that may sound rediculous but that's how I feel.

Does anyone have any good advice on how to help myself with fertility and what questions to ask/treatment options?

I am overweight which doesn't help I know but I am doing something about that.

Thanks everyone and well done if you made it to the bottom

AmyC86 Tue 04-Apr-17 19:12:50

Join us on PCOS support thread xx

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