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Have I not ovualted or are the opks crap?

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Pohara1 Tue 04-Apr-17 04:27:20

I've had a few appointments with my gynaecologist about ttc as I know previous surgery is going to make it difficult. So far all results are saying difficult but not impossible. So my doctor says my blood tests are showing normal hormone levels which means that I'm ovulating. But in four months I haven't had a single positive ovulation result on an opk. I'm using one step sticks. Are they just shit?

user1471496670 Tue 04-Apr-17 06:35:12

I use the One Step sticks too and always get a very strong positive on them so don't think they're rubbish.
I test late afternoon, sometimes teice on the 1-2 days I'm due to surge.

physicskate Tue 04-Apr-17 07:29:07

Try using bbt. Test twice a day during your fw...

LapinR0se Tue 04-Apr-17 07:31:22

I was being scanned every two days for IVF so I could literally see my eggs maturing. Then I did a trigger shot to induce ovulation so for sure I ovulated. Peed on a stick just to see. Nothing!
So I don't trust the sticks

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