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Pre-TTC and holiday!

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Meow89 Mon 03-Apr-17 20:18:51

Hi all,

My first post as hubs and I are planning to start trying for out first baby in August and we want to book a "big" holiday before doing so!

We had booked Barbados for 7nights but after researching the Zika risk fully and speaking to GP we've decided the risks are simple too high to justify for us.

We're now hoping to change to Maritius as zika does not seem to be there and prior to me bothering the GP again (which I will do to confirm) I thought I'd ask if anyone is aware of any reason not to travel if planning to start trying in Aug? I know there's been some Dengue but all info seems to be that there's risk if you are pregnant and no details of preconception like with Zika, do you think I can assume this is fine?

I just don't want to put us through the upset of booking and then having to change again (I'm fully aware I sound a bit bratty and that we're really lucky to be in a position to do this).

Looking forward to being able to participate in all discussions ttc spon!

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