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Period 11 days late. Thanks a lot AF.

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Stras Mon 03-Apr-17 11:10:59

Hello everyone, I'm new. My husband and I have been trying for a baby for a year and a half now; I'm 34, and he's 38.

We hadn't had any joy, and it was getting quite stressful as I see is fairly usual – then it turned out that perhaps I just ovulated earlier in my cycle than my various apps suggested.

Last cycle I got about 11 days of flashing smiley faces on the Clear Blue ovulation sticks, and no stuck smiley, but we carried on regardless, and then AF was late. I started getting cramps, and worried it might be AF, but then it kept getting later and later. I took a pregnancy test the day after it was due, but got a negative. I tried again yesterday, and then this morning, 11 days after AF was due, and got more negatives – and then she bloody well turned up almost immediately after I'd taken the test.

I know this isn't a big thing to get upset about, but it just feels so chronically unfair having my period be that late. My husband very sweetly put it that perhaps we'd just been a little bit pregnant, but it wasn't to be, and we had a good cry, and there we go. I'm off to the hospital for more blood tests this cycle, having both of us got the all clear before. But God. How the fuck does anyone carry on with this?

user1491111724 Tue 04-Apr-17 21:08:00

I feel your pain ! Everyone says the trying part is fun, I don't think so!!! Who ever says that hasn't tried to have a baby wink we have been trying for our 2nd since last august, fell pregnant at xmas but miscarried at 8 weeks. That made it even worse and I just wanted to be pregnant again. I am now 6 weeks pregnant ( 2 months after Mc) took me 10 days after period due to get a positive , even had bloods taken! The way me and my husband do it is have sex every other day for 2/3 weeks so you don't miss ovulation. I know when I ovulate due to eggy white discharge but I make sure it's ever 2 days just to cover it ... it's bloody hard work but it seems to worked for us ! smilesmile

Stras Thu 06-Apr-17 12:27:52

God bless you user - I'm so sorry you went through your mc, and I have all fingers crossed for success!

Thank you so much for your reply. It's very reassuring, and DH and I are battening down the hatches ready for The Fuckening part XIV (terrible term from a film called Your Highness which I found irrationally funny.)

It's not fun, but all fingers crossed.

Hippychic79 Thu 06-Apr-17 13:04:04

Stras sounds like you need some PMA... come and join our PMA thread on here if you like...

this ttc lark is a bit of a ball ache - but staying positive as much as possible really helps as does the support from the ladies on thread PMA


HorridHenryrule Thu 06-Apr-17 13:13:26

Have plenty of sex and drink camomile tea that will calm your body down.

HorridHenryrule Thu 06-Apr-17 13:15:00

If you were on the pill or whatever it does take a little while to conceive it took me 18 months I think roughly.

Stras Thu 06-Apr-17 13:25:54

Thank you @HorridHenryrule - I've been entirely decaf for what feels like ages now, but I'll try something calming. Maybe 19 Valium and a box set!

@Hippychic79 That is a great shout - I didn't know about that forum, but it sounds like exactly what I need. See you on the other side x

Hippychic79 Thu 06-Apr-17 14:26:20

The thread is called PMA express to bfp ... we're on thread number 4.... everyone but me has been a bit quiet today .... I've just posted so it's back to the top of the conception board list.... it's an intimate group of lovely ladies of different ages with different experiences of ttc but all with the same goal .... bfp smile)
We all get our off days but we try and keep each other relaxed and positive .... your aloud to moan on cd 1 but we say ... one month closer to our bfp .... and instead of saying af due we say bfp due xxx

Hippychic79 Thu 06-Apr-17 14:27:19

Take a peak ... have a read and feel free to pop aboard xxx

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