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Implantation bleeding or early period?

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cottoncandee Sun 02-Apr-17 22:18:03

Hi ladies! I've TTC since mid 2015 and had mc in August 2015 and a chemical pregnancy in November 2016. I am currently 8 DPO and not due for AF until next Saturday. But this evening (sorry TMI) when I wiped I saw some pinkish blood (not red or brown at all) and then I looked at my underwear and there's a bit of pinkish blood there as well. I tried to wipe again still a bit of pinkish blood but after that, nothing. Could it be that this is implantation bleeding or is it just AF coming early? I really am not sure because I've never had this before AF and just worried because before my chem last November, I had similar pinkish blood before I had my BFP sad

NaturWilde Mon 03-Apr-17 06:58:33

I had the same at 8dpo, and tested positive on a HPT 2 days later.

cottoncandee Mon 03-Apr-17 20:51:49

@NaturWilde did it only last one day for you? I just had a bit of stringy, pinkish spotting again but it was only when I wiped confused

NaturWilde Mon 03-Apr-17 21:05:44

Yes. Much less than one day, in fact. Simply a little old blood in mucus.

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