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desogestral...missed period

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CrispPacket Sun 02-Apr-17 20:42:24

It's official I'm 5days late sad
I've been on desogestral for 3months now and everything has been fine, periods have been different (much heavier in the beginning but finishing slightly earlier). But...i haven't come on end of last month as usual though my boobs we're sore about a week ago just before i was due on. I'm really not in a position to raise/carry a little being right now so sort of panicking. Should I Just put it down to the pill or panic and if so...when would be the best time to test? Sorry if this sounds a bit gambled...i feel it sad

Emma2803 Sun 02-Apr-17 21:48:29

Periods can be all over the place with this pill, I had constant spotting for 4 months, nothing for 2 and another 5 weeks of constant spotting before stopping to start trying for number 2.
I would say test now to see but this pill can stop ovulation so some people don't get any periods on it.

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