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Advice pls

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Newhere123 Sun 02-Apr-17 17:47:15

Hey everyone,

New here, but need some advice, so I hope someone can help..

I've been off the pill since April last year, without the intention to get pregnant, but from last month, hubby and I have been ttc, extremely early to get concerned about anything, as we are prepared it could (hopefully not though) take some time.

So my periods since coming off the pill have been quite accurate- 27 days each cycle, about 4 days each time.

My last period after our first attempt was 2 days late though (took a test which was neg) and today I'm on day 9 of the new cycle, but (and huge apologies for TMI) am experiencing some brown discharges.. this is probably normal, but the question is- will this effect my ovulation?

I also got OPK, figured I'd try them this time around, see if they might help.. can I expect accurate reading despite the brown discharge...?

Sorry if these may sounds silly questions, as I said, quite new at this.. any help would much apprciated..

Thanks x

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