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user1491150236 Sun 02-Apr-17 17:38:26

Hi All,

I had an MVA on March 24th after a MMC approx 8 weeks and we are now trying to concieve again started only a few days after the procedure so had unprotected sex 5 times last week up to now, is it possible to get pregnant straight away? Please could I have peoples stories and thoughts 👍 Am I more fertile after the miscarriage?


WelshMammy123 Sun 02-Apr-17 18:09:53


I'm so sorry for your loss. I had a MMC in April of last year and conceived again in the July (unfortunately that pregnancy ended in a tfmr so not a happy story). But yes I think you're fertile again very soon after a mc or MMC. I've heard a lot of people say you're more fertile but whether that's true or not I honestly don't know.

I'm taking from your post that you haven't had a period since your procedure? Did you do a pregnancy test to check your hormone levels had fallen?

You will probably ovulate as normal after your MMC but the pregnancy hormones need to leave your body before that happens which is why doing a test is helpful.

Hope that helps and sorry again for your loss x

user1491150236 Sun 02-Apr-17 19:42:56

Sorry for your losses I am going to do a test in the next few days to check it isn't still showing as positive and I'm hoping I concieve asap I haven't had a period yet as its been 8 days since the procedure xx

1a2beetle Wed 20-Sep-17 11:42:09

Last friday at an early ultrasound scan (would have been 10+3) it was confirmed i have had a mmc and heart stopped beating around 8 + 3. Im having mva under local this friday but midwife said they will not check my hcg levels after. Is there another way to check they have reduced....maybe with hpt or opk test strip? What am i looking guessing no line with hpt....but what should i expect from opk? Is one better to use to monitor hcg levels? Im keen to ttc quickly as possible given fertility is believed to be higher for a short time. Any ladies been in similar position (bring older at 42) and have gone onto conceive quickly after mmc and mva?

ibentmywookie Fri 22-Sep-17 07:02:39

Hi 1a2beetle, sorry for your loss. I just relied on internet cheapies to check my hcg had gone down after my MVA in December.

I'm 43, and conceived again six weeks later, I waited for my first period just to reassure myself that everything was back in sync, and because being unsure of my dates would have been really tough with early reassurance scans. Good luck.

1a2beetle Fri 22-Sep-17 07:18:24

Sorry to hear you went through it too. Very reassuring to hear you got pg again after 6 me some hope. Have just ordered a load of internet cheapies! Congratulations and thank you x

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