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Another tww thread; any buddies

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Mimilicious013 Sat 01-Apr-17 14:00:14

Hie ladies

The long dreaded tww begins all over again. Come let's symptom spot together and hold hands till we get our most wanted dust to Christmas babies

Age 36
Cycle 23hmm
ETD 15 April

Kittykat789 Sat 01-Apr-17 15:27:59

Hello you don't mind if I join in? I'm a newbie to mums net but also joining the 2ww due my period on the 13th of April and I have 24 day cycles my app says I would have ovulated on the 30th so I'm only 2dpo but I have noticed some clear milky discharge which I don't normally get after ovulation!
Baby dust to you!x

Emma2803 Sat 01-Apr-17 15:45:02

Not officially in the two just yet!! But very excited, doing opks and waiting for my positive!!

Age 32
Cycle 1
Cd 11
ETD 19th April

Mimilicious013 Sun 02-Apr-17 08:32:01

Morning ladies
2dpo here and no symptom yet. It's really going to be a long wait. I really want a baby by xmasgrin
Fx it's a good sign @kitkat an that the egg is on it's way to implant.
Hope you get your positive opk soon often are you did? Fx you get lucky on cycle 1.

Kittykat789 Sun 02-Apr-17 09:53:25

Haven't had many symptoms either although I never did with my first pregnancy only thing that's any different is normally after ovulation I dry up a day or two but haven't this cycle also have sore nipples but could just be as I just have finished ovulating
I would love to have a Christmas baby!
Dreading this long wait good luck to you both!x

Mimilicious013 Sun 02-Apr-17 10:20:48

Thanks @kitkat.
Just had a few pieces of pineapple. Its supposed to help with implantation but enjoying them nevertheless.
Any plans for Sunday?

Kittykat789 Sun 02-Apr-17 10:45:57

I never knew that might have to make a trip to the shop and get myself some! And plans it's a lovely day maybe a picnic with lots of pineapple! Any plans for your Sunday?

Millypad Sun 02-Apr-17 11:20:52

Hello, may I join you, please? AF due on weds, last weds had two days of cramping and spotting. Sore boobs but so far just bfns! I am impatient and very crabby with husband who is just trying to be nice, bless him. Good luck to you all!!

Emma2803 Sun 02-Apr-17 13:19:35

Mimi I'm aiming for every other day and was planning to last night but hubby went to pub and fell asleep as soon as he got home 🙄 Oh well. Will just have to go for tonight!
I read on a post here about heart rate rising at ovulation and I have a fitbit so checked and it started to rise 3 days before positive ovulation test and peaked day after and I've been tracking it and it's started to rise so hopefully ovulate in next 3-4 days!

Kittykat789 Sun 02-Apr-17 14:19:37

Don't worry Milly it sounds far to early for a bro most woman don't normally get a bfp till after there first period I didn't get mine with the first till the day after!

Also wondering if it's normal to have sore nipples 3dpo? I normally have this just before af is due never this early but surely u can't get pregnancy symptoms this early? Also IV noticed alot of watery and milky discharge and mild cramps like af and my lower back and very tired must be from chasing my 18 month old toddler round all day!

Kittykat789 Sun 02-Apr-17 14:20:28

Sorry meant to type bfp not bro !

Millypad Sun 02-Apr-17 14:24:51

Thanks kitty! I like 'bro!' smile

EdmundCleverClogs Sun 02-Apr-17 16:59:11

I've been looking for a thread to join in, if that's ok? Most are huge and feel like passed the point of 'joining in blush.

Age: 30
Trying for second child
7 days past ovulation
Af due 10/11th April

I've been imagining all sorts of symptoms, but also been under the weather with a virus. Fighting the urge to wee on a stick every day this week...

YouBoggleMyMind Sun 02-Apr-17 17:02:51

Hi, I'm waiting too.

TTC number 1
Age 29
Not sure how many dpo, possible 3/4??
Testing 17th April

On a last round of clomid before going back to the fertility clinic. Hoping this is the one.

Mimilicious013 Sun 02-Apr-17 18:18:34

Fx the spotting was ib milly. Hope your bfp is on its way. Wed is a good 3days away so good luck.
Hope oh doesn't come back tired

mrsb87 Sun 02-Apr-17 18:21:36

Hi! Yes I'm waiting too, may I join you all?
Ttc#2 3dpo ( I think, I don't use opks's and haven't really kept check on my cycle). Feeling hopeful, I've had 2 days of extreme fatigue and today I'm really off my food!

Mimilicious013 Sun 02-Apr-17 18:42:18

Welcome @boogle and of luck and really we all will be having 2017 babies.

Hope your oh doesn't drink tonight @emma and you manage to get some. Gl

I have a 3yr old ddand she is a handful. I can imagine how you must be feeling with an 18 mnth baby who is active @kitkat.lets hope the cm is a good sign to your browink

Mimilicious013 Sun 02-Apr-17 18:46:33

Waves @mrsb and good luck

YouBoggleMyMind Sun 02-Apr-17 18:47:54

Slight cramps today but nothing mega. Have spent the last 2 days clearing out stuff. Is that a sign?? grin

mrsb87 Sun 02-Apr-17 18:53:23

Thanks Mimi!
I have a 2yr old who is a cheeky monkey, so know how exhausting it is! I'm tucked up in bed listening to the chaos downstairs grin
Fingers crossed for sticky beans for everyone xx

Emma2803 Sun 02-Apr-17 19:11:21

@kittykat I never got any symptoms with my first either, hopefully the change in discharge is a good sign!!
Welcome @edmund, not long til you can test now!! How old is dc1? Mine is just turned 2!
Welcome @boggle, fingers crossed for you that this is your month!!
Welcome @mrsb87! I also have a two year old monkey!! Lol
@mimi Sunday is a very boring day and lo sleeps 2 hours at lunchtime, what other way to pass the day wink

EdmundCleverClogs Sun 02-Apr-17 19:29:09

Thanks Mimi smile. Hi Emma! First is just shy of 18 months. Still having an evening breastfeed and occasional night one, so my cycle is a bit messed up. I'm not even convinced I can get pregnant until he stops in all honesty!

Current symptoms (most of which are either due to virus or purely imagination) - sore boob (just lefty), very tired, very slight nosebleed and had cramps all day. My partner also randomly proclaimed that my boobs look huge today, but I am wearing a rather tight too small top.

huffleclaw Sun 02-Apr-17 19:58:30

Hi, half way through my two week wait...can I join?

TTC #1
Cycle 3
AF due 9/4

Trying very very hard not to symptom spot this month!!!

WannaBaby2 Sun 02-Apr-17 22:36:28

Hey, hope it is ok for me to join. Cycle no 2. AF due on 15th April. Fingers crossed for all xxx

Kittykat789 Mon 03-Apr-17 06:35:56

Morning! And does anyone else have really short cycles? Mine are only 24 days long and I get PMS 10 days before my expected period I'm a moody cow! But today I've woken up in such a amazing mood (maybe as I fell asleep at 10pm) which is usual for me I noticed this with my DS really hoping this is my month!, Goodluck to all the new ladies that have joined hope we all get are bfps!

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