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Tips on not feeling so down every month!

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dangle90 Thu 30-Mar-17 17:08:56

Only been ttc for 5 months but already feel so down every time AF arrives. Don't know how you women who have been trying for so long keep strong! Due AF tomorrow got cramps so pretty sure she's on her way. I know there's nothing anyone can do but just having someone to talk to would be nice. Not many people know we are trying and don't think men feel the same about it as women so hard to talk to OH. Annoy myself thinking I should of come off the pill earlier ect ect but you just don't know until you start trying. TIA x

WelshMammy123 Thu 30-Mar-17 17:17:29

Hi Dangle,

I totally know how you feel. We're TTC#2 and I swore I'd be more relaxed this time but that's not happening. It took us over 3 years to conceive our dd so I had years of that crushing disappointment when af arrived. We started ttc#2 in January 2016 and I was amazed when I fell pregnant really quickly. That sadly ended in a MMC. I then fell pregnant again shortly afterwards but that ended in a tfmr. It's been 5 months since the tfmr and I'm really stressed out and had no hint of a BFP. Doesn't help that my cycles are all over the place and I don't think I ovulated this month. I'm also 38 so that weighs heavy on my mind.

Am actually thinking I might pay for some private testing to make sure all is ok.

So I have no tips for keeping calm as you can tell but I can identify with how you're feeling.

Fingers crossed for us both xx

dangle90 Thu 30-Mar-17 17:22:58

Thanks for replying Welsh I'm so sorry your having such a rough time!! And I hope your luck changes!
I feel bad for whinging when people like yourselves have been having such a rough time.
I think before I started ttc I secretly thought it would be a lot easier than what it is, I didn't even realise there's literally only a few days of the month you can actually get pregnant. Then you start thinking alsorts like yourself wondering if everything's working right ect, it is quite torturous. I'm quite lucky really I am only young (just coming upto 27) but it still doesn't take away the frustration. Seems like everywhere you look someone is announcing a new pregnancy sad x

MummyBearToOne1988 Thu 30-Mar-17 23:46:01

Give yourself something to look forward to when AF is due... I get a bottle of wine, take away, skip the gym, chocolate and wallow in self pity for a few days. Then I return back to my pro active self and pick the Opks back up. Good luck ladies

Frecklesfrodo123 Thu 30-Mar-17 23:55:11

I'm also due AF tomorrow, no signs of it yet but tested on a FRER yesterday which was negative. I had a molar pregnancy removed in march last year and had no BFP since. It's so disheartening, I'm not sure how to keep positive.

Takeaway and chocolate sounds a good idea though!

AutumnEve Thu 30-Mar-17 23:58:00

I know exactly how you feel too. I'm on Cycle 6 and every time AF arrives I, too, go into depressed mode. I'm not usually one for PMS etc but since TTC I've been much more frustrated with life in general when AF knocks on my door.
I try to look forward to another fresh start. Pamper yourself as much as possible. Have a glass of wine as Mummybear suggested.
I think I'm starting to get into the mindset that AF will definitely arrive each time now (I'm due in 6 days) and if she doesn't then it can be a pleasant surprise.

wobblywonderwoman Fri 31-Mar-17 00:05:18

I don't know what to advise op. We had a horrible 18 months wait (probably 9 really seriously trying) and I know sadly many many people have a lot more time to wait

Just try and enjoy your life.. Once you are pregnant and baby comes - life doesn't automatically become perfect either. I think we have to try and have a bit of faith that good things are on the way

Easier said than done .. I shed a lot of years. Anyway we booked in for tests and I had one last month of partying, binge drinking and little did know I was pregnant (we did the deed every single night that month without fail as I just thought we couldn't risk not trying our best naturally.. Had baby and second time we started trying (literally when baby was four months) it happened within two weeks.

dangle90 Fri 31-Mar-17 06:26:56

Thanks for all your advice ladies.
I'm usually a firm believer of everything happens for a reason, so I'm sure when the time is right it will happen. Like I said earlier I think it's just because you think it will be so easy before you start ttc. So many people have one nights stands ect and get pregnant then you feel your doing everything right and it doesn't happen just feels a bit rubbish.
Didn't sleep well last night, got up to see if AF has arrived, she's usually bang on time. Not yet but have cramps so sure it will be soon.
Good luck to you all flowers

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