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Are the ovulation sticks worth it?

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HOD32x Thu 30-Mar-17 16:54:39

Hi ladies, after nearly a couple of months of trying do you think it may be worth buying the ovulation sticks? I've noticed they are rather expensive and my doctor said not to bother but thought it be a good way of pinpointing ovulation better. I don't want to get obsessed with it all though, trying to stay relaxed and just enjoy it plus it is still early days x Let me know what you think x

loveulotslikejellytots Thu 30-Mar-17 16:58:41

You can buy cheap 'strip' ones on amazon. They work and look like pregnancy tests, so a control line and test line. No where near as expensive as the CB digital type ones but also not as clear sometimes.

I used them when TTC after being on the implant for 6 years and having virtually no periods. It helped me to track my cycle a bit better. We conceived after 4 months and wasn't getting too serious about tracking etc but it helped to know when I was ovulating. Just search for them on Amazon, about £5 for 20.

BertieBotts Thu 30-Mar-17 17:07:46

If you want to pinpoint ovulation I think temping is much better. A digital thermometer isn't expensive if you buy a basic one and is a useful thing to have in the house when you have children anyway.

lisara79 Thu 30-Mar-17 17:31:44

I'm only just starting but I've been temping and using opks for a few months and they really help me... I only test from about day 10 or 11 but that, combined with taking my tempreture, has really helped me to pinpoint ovulation.... it doesn't help with the obsessing but o think it helps me feel in control. my cycle is regular but varies by a day or 2 each month so it helps. I use the cheap ones from Amazon and they are great... a friend who is about give birth says that they were much more helpful that the expensive digital time.

onlymrsmac Thu 30-Mar-17 18:04:35

I used sticks for a year, didn't fall pregnant. Got a clear blue digital, fell pregnant that month

HOD32x Thu 30-Mar-17 18:09:20

Wow that is a big difference in price to the ones I've seen, thank you and also thanks about the temping advice x I will deffo look into both x It's funny isn't it? Spend most of your life trying not to get pregnant and then when you want to its not as easy as you thought x Thanks for all your prompt responses too x

2sCompany Thu 30-Mar-17 18:14:37

Just to buck the trend, I found them absolutely useless and a waste of money!

What works is just to dtd every other day, throughout the cycle. (Currently 34 weeks with dc4). But just one woman's experience!

Good luck smile

thegoodnameshadgone Thu 30-Mar-17 18:55:54


Do you happen to have a link or a pic of these please?

Bubblegum89 Thu 30-Mar-17 18:58:15

Search "one step ovulation strips" on Amazon

thegoodnameshadgone Thu 30-Mar-17 18:59:03

Thank you much appreciated grin

Emma2803 Fri 31-Mar-17 08:55:40

Look at this on eBay
Can get them on eBay too

HOD32x Thu 13-Apr-17 13:31:00

Wow, order the sticks online u get loads and much cheaper x

WantToGoingTo Thu 13-Apr-17 17:28:17

Yes they are worth it but don't just use the clear blue ones! I use the cheap strip ones from amazon. When they are nearly positive I then use a clear blue digital to confirm as sometimes it's hard to tell and easier to see a smiley face or not! (Then you don't spend buckets on clearblue digital but get the certainty of them iyswim). Really helps identify when ovulation may be. As we have a toddler we need to time it right as opportunities aren't that frequent!

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