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How long after positive OPK do you ovulate?

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WelshMammy123 Wed 29-Mar-17 07:34:24


I'm currently CD16. I usually get awful mid cycle pain which usually occurs on the same day as a positive OPK. As a result I'd decided not to bother with the OPK's because the pain is so obvious!

Last month I ovulated cd 13 and the month before cd 15.

When I reached yesterday (cd15) without any ov pain I decided to use an OPK (just before bed) and it was negative as was the one this morning.

I've started to get some twinges this morning so my question is how long after a positive OPK do you generally ovulate? Is it possible that the LH surge happened overnight (so not picked up on test) and ovulation is happening pretty much straight away?

My cycle seems to be all over the place since losing my baby in October. I'm now a little concerned that I haven't even ovulated this month. I'd prefer not to have to worry about that if I don't have to!

Thanks x

happybus28 Wed 29-Mar-17 07:46:21

im pretty sure I OV at some point the day after I get a positive OPK. The OPK detects the LH surge which means you should ovulate within 12-48 hours. You can miss your LH surge if you aren't using the OPKs often enough, i do twice a day from CD11 onwards to make sure I catch it. If you are getting pain like you usually get at the time of OV that would suggest ovulation is happening and you have missed the surge with your OPK.

TurquoiseDress Wed 29-Mar-17 20:36:27

I am interested to know this answer to this question too!
Sorry I can't shed might light on it for you.

As the poster above suggested, it sounds as if you are ovulated when you got the usual pain and may have missed the LH surge.

Sorry to hear about your loss last year- I had a MMC last summer at 13 weeks, we are on cycle 9 of trying now.

I think the timing from positive OPK to actual ovulation can vary greatly.
Testing twice a day will hep you catch it, but in this instance you may have missed it?

I've used a CB dual ovulation OPK this month, only started on CD12 as I only had 4 sticks left (I'm a bit tight!), first 3 days negative and got positive/static smile first thing in morning of CD15.
Last month I got positive/static on CD16 after CD12-14 high fertility.

But it was a whole 24 hours after my previous OPK so I wondered when the surge actually occurred.

Always test first thing in morning and these sticks are too bloody expensive for any more often.

I always used the cheap OPKs before, but once we got into 2017 without a BFP, I decide to splash out as I started feeling desperate.

Good luck

WelshMammy123 Wed 29-Mar-17 20:54:55

Thanks both!

Perhaps you're right and I've just missed the surge so not seen a positive OPK. The cramps have continued all day though and feel like af cramps rather than ovulation ones. Af arrived early last month (cd25) instead of cd28-30.....I'm worried that my cycles are messed up after the tfmr and are getting shorter and shorter. Plus at the age of 38 I'm a little worried about how long things are taking to return to normal.

This all feels a bit too hard x

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