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Clearblue digi OPK- no peak all highs, did I ovulate?

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TrueBlueDem Wed 29-Mar-17 03:32:39

Hi ladies please help!

I started using the clearblue easy digital advanced opk (the one that shows a circle for low fertility, flashing smiley for high fertility, and solid smiley for peak).

I've been using these for past 4 months and every month was like clockwork, one day low, couple days high, then peak.

This month is very weird. I'm on my 4th or 5th day of high fertility, no peak yet (so no LH surge yet), yet today I have had brown (ovulation?) spotting and sligh cramping in my ovary, I'm guessing that means I ovulated? Also today is CD 15, around the time I've normally been ovulating.

I always check OPK's twice a day, so why haven't gotten a peak this month, esp if I am showing O signs? I'm very worried.

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