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Negative LH results but regular periods?

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Loopyloz83 Tue 28-Mar-17 22:14:34

Me and other half have been TTC for over 2 years now. I've had all the tests and all fine. I have a very regular period. My hubbie has had tests and sperm count not low but has a few slow swimmers.
I've been told I'm over weight which admittedly I know I need to lose a couple of stone.
I have tried the ovulation sticks mid cycle and they always say I'm not ovulating which is odd when i had regular periods and have had all the test done to say everything is ok.

I go in waves with the thought of maybe we're just not meant to be parents and then I hear of someone I know becoming pregnant and all the feeling come back to me and it makes me upset that I can't seem to Concieve after all this time.

I have started reflexology and acupuncture in January. I've had three sessions so far and try to have them mid cycle. I've stopped drinking to see if that helps too.

Just wanted to see if there was anyone else out there with any similar issues or suggestions? I'm 33 oh is 32.

Any suggestions for what men can do to help from their side?

Anyone had a 2nd opinion from another medical professional as it's baffling me that if everything is ok why isn't it working?

Thanks in advance xx

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