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Ovulation app

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Sazwest Tue 28-Mar-17 20:49:38

Hey girls what would u day is the best ovulation app I can't get away with that Ovia app I have a diff app also and they both say I ovulate at different times. Xx

Oysterbabe Tue 28-Mar-17 21:13:09

Apps don't know when you ovulate and just guess. You'd be better relying on OPKs and taking your temperature.

Sazwest Tue 28-Mar-17 21:15:31

How do I take my temperature xx

DorisDaisy25 Tue 28-Mar-17 21:40:00

I use glow and flo. Search in App Store. Good luck!

goldielocks29 Tue 28-Mar-17 21:52:37

Agreed that OPKs and monitoring BBT are your best bets.

For monitoring you BBT (temp) you need a thermometer that goes to 2 decimal places and take it first thing in the morning when you wake up without getting out of bed or moving around. Have a google...there's loads of info out there

Apps are ok, but they can't tell you for certain what your body is doing as they are only a computer programme at the end of the day.

user1471496670 Wed 29-Mar-17 06:31:38

I use OPKs and have also started charting BBT. This info in Ovia works really well for me. The app is only as good as the input you provide smile

pomadas87 Wed 29-Mar-17 06:39:15

Agree that the apps are only as good as the info you give them. For keeping a note of days, I use Glow which is straightforward to use. Also use OPKs.

Sazwest Fri 31-Mar-17 20:33:39

@BlueSpottyTiger this is gonna make me sound thick but does the TWW start the day after ovulation ?? Lol xx

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