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Bfp or evaporation line??

(6 Posts)
holzyb20 Mon 27-Mar-17 21:37:16

It's way more visible in real life and I'm sure there is colour to it

What do you think??

Afreshstartplease Mon 27-Mar-17 21:38:08


mayaknew Mon 27-Mar-17 21:45:06

I can see colour that's a bfp!😁

ScarletSienna Mon 27-Mar-17 21:46:11

Where are you in your cycle? Fingers crossed!

holzyb20 Mon 27-Mar-17 21:48:01

I have no idea atall I have pcos my periods are all over the place I have my first appointment on Wednesday with fertility clinic to start thinking about chlomid!!

ifeellikechickentonight Tue 28-Mar-17 17:47:28

Looks good to me! Have you done another one?

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