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Chemical Pregnancy bleeding advice

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picknmiss Mon 27-Mar-17 18:57:39

Hi there, sadly I'm back with my 2nd chemical pregnancy in 3 cycles. AF was only 4 days late so it was very, very early.

Anyway, just after some practical advice please! I started bleeding on Sunday night and it's been getting progressively heavier today (TMI sorry). I've got double pads on but my issue is I have a big work presentation tomorrow, at a clients office overseas. I'm flying in and out and going by myself so I really can't get out of it. It's a 3.5 hour workshop so presume there will be comfort breaks, I'm only presenting for 30 mins. I'm going to wear double pads and two pairs of giant knickers but my dress is fairly light coloured, can I use tampons too or is that not advised? Wondering if I need to dig out a darker outfit from somewhere. Could do without this really sad

Gingerbreadmam Mon 27-Mar-17 18:59:50

could you get some maternity pads? you might feel safer.

I cant help with regards to personal experience sorry and sorry you are going through this again.

INeedNewShoes Mon 27-Mar-17 19:00:00

How often are you having to change a pad?

If its more than one an hour you need to seek medical attention.

INeedNewShoes Mon 27-Mar-17 19:00:57

Sorry, I forgot to say that I'm sorry for what you're going through. I had two chemicals in three cycles too and its just rubbish sad

Neither of my chemical pregnancies caused bleeding as heavy as yours sounds.

picknmiss Mon 27-Mar-17 19:02:28

Thanks good idea, I'll have a look at the airport and see if they have maternity pads as won't have a chance now tonight.
At the moment I'm only changing once every 2-3 hours but I'll definitely keep an eye on it, thank you.

picknmiss Mon 27-Mar-17 19:03:40

Yeah it was really heavy last time too sad I think I'm going to make a doctors appointment just to speak to someone about it, if I can make it through tomorrow without humiliating myself!

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