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Missed period? Morning after pill?

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thewanderer03 Mon 27-Mar-17 15:58:42

Wondering if someone could perhaps help as driving myself mad. I took the map on 12th Feb and am yet to come on. First day of my last period was 3rd Feb, usually my cycle is on average 28 days. Had unprotected sex Feb 11th and took map just over 12 hours later the next day Feb 12th. Then had quite a heavy bleed lasting a week which started Feb 20th but nothing since. Taken one test around a week or so again which was negative. Not sure when I should be due on now, if I tested too early or if perhaps the map has just messed up my cycle?

MieMoosMummy Mon 27-Mar-17 16:03:28

I think it's probably that the map has played with your cycle. It's been years since I took one but was told that if I didn't have a period after taking it (can't remember the exact amount of time after) to take a test. But as you've had a bleed after taking the pill along with a negative test its not likely that you're pregnant and more a game of wait and see when AF comes

gamerchick Mon 27-Mar-17 16:06:27

That pill always causes my cycles to become a bit wonky for a few months.

Then the period would come out of the blue when in an inconsiderate place. I probably wouldn't be concerned.

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