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Let's talk EWCM...

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Mamabooksbabynumber2 Mon 27-Mar-17 09:27:55

So ladies,

We dtd every day days 10-16 and go4 EWCM on day 16 and 18. We dtd on day 18 and had a break on day 17. Today is day 19

Have I just ovulated?
Have I missed the boat by having a break on day 17?

willitbe Mon 27-Mar-17 20:26:39

You cannot tell from just CM whether you have ovulated or not. EWCM is linked with the time when your body is trying to ovulate and often around the time just before af. Just because you had EWCM does not mean that you have now ovulated. The recommended is to DTD every other day throughout your cycle. But if you have ovulated and the CM dried up, then you are fine, missing one day is ok, as every day DTD is not great for the little swimmers anyway!!!

However to be sure, continue with every other day DTD, until you have other indicators convincing you that you have definitely ovulated.

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