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FRER line getting lighter at 16DPO!? Panicking...

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mariamama123 Sun 26-Mar-17 11:51:49

Hi Ladies, finally got my BFP on 11DPO after 1 year TTC #2!!!!!
I am so excited and thrilled, but also very nervous, because I had a chemical in Sept 2016 when my lines were faint to begin with and got lighter and ligther.
This time I did a test nearly every day since 11 DPO with this pregnancy, I'm now worried that my 16DPO FRER line got lighter than 13DPO sad With my first pregnancy (DS) lines were getting darker and by 16DPO they were super dark...
Today is Sunday, so can't go to a doc, but will probably go for a beta tomorrow...did anyone have this and go on to have a healthy pregnancy!????

mariamama123 Sun 26-Mar-17 11:54:45

Don't know how to add a picture!

Writerwannabe83 Sun 26-Mar-17 12:09:27

Hi OP - I've been where you are and it's totally shit. About a week after my BFP I took another Clrar Blue Digital and realised the weeks counter had remained the same so to reassure myself I tested with an IC and an ASDAs own and although they still had lines they were fainter than they had been when I'd got my initial BFP with them.

I continued to test for a few days and the lines got a little fainter each day and when a Clear Blue Digital said Not Pregnant I went to see my GP who confirmed the pregnancy has likely failed. She didn't want to do bloods then though and told me to go back in three days for them. I didn't need to though as I miscarried very shortly afterwards, two weeks after I'd had my BFP.

That was last February and last December I fell pregnant again. I took three tests on the day my period was due (different brands) and I got faint positives on them all. I was so paranoid because of my previous experience and I was testing every day for weeks to make sure my lines were getting darker which thankfully they did.

I hope you don't have an unhappy ending but remember you're not alone flowers

mariamama123 Sun 26-Mar-17 12:19:48

Here is the link to my tests...

mariamama123 Sun 26-Mar-17 12:21:15

Writerwannabe83, Thank you for your support and sorry to hear about you've been through. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

fuzzywuzzy Sun 26-Mar-17 12:23:25

I had this with my chemical pregnancies. But they began with very faint lines.

When was af due? Was your first test darker than you expected?

Everything crossed for you.

mariamama123 Sun 26-Mar-17 12:33:16

My cycles are very irregular, this time I got a positive ovulation test on CD26, so AF is technically due on CD40...I'm now CD42...

mariamama123 Sun 26-Mar-17 12:34:00

The very first line at 11DPO was faint, but appeared within 3 minutes...

RoseGoldHippie Sun 26-Mar-17 20:02:47

It looks to me like your lines are darker in the eve than the AM perhaps that is why and you have too much hcg that you need to dilute a little?

fuzzywuzzy Sun 26-Mar-17 22:54:28

The lines look like their getting darker. The last one looks faint but it could just be a less sensitive test.

I wouldn't be worried, they've been getting darker.

Good luck.

Mamabooksbabynumber2 Mon 27-Mar-17 09:00:33

@writerwannabe83 just wanted to give you a hello! My old username was babydances and we were ttc at same time last year and my partner was the one who was very on and off.Then I took a few months off and we are back on it. Don't know if you remember me. Huge congrats on your pregnancy xxx

Mamabooksbabynumber2 Mon 27-Mar-17 09:01:01

Sorry to hijack thread mamamaria have you tested this morning?

mariamama123 Mon 27-Mar-17 09:48:28

Mamabooksbabynumber2 no worries! I've decided to wait to test until this afternoon, just to give it keep time. I'm also convinced that my FMU always gives me the faintest results! I will update you once I have my results ... fingers crossed!

Mamabooksbabynumber2 Mon 27-Mar-17 09:52:52

Good luck. Can you do one of those which says how many weeks you are as well?

Hotpinkangel19 Mon 27-Mar-17 17:43:21

Did you do an afternoon/evening one op? x

mariamama123 Mon 27-Mar-17 18:05:04

Update, I did another FRER test at 3PM this afternoon, it started off as very faint, but darkened quite significantly over the last 2 hours...I'd say it's nearly the same as the one from 2PM yesterday (16 DPO) and still slightly lighter than at 14DPO (3 days ago)...I'm so confused! Doesn't sound like it's a good sign, the test should be getting much darker by this stage! I did a CD digi at 12 DPO and it said 1-2 weeks and it said the same yesterday...What do you think!?

IndianaMoleWoman Mon 27-Mar-17 18:07:28

Looks like great line progression to me, remember it takes 48-72 hours for tiny amounts of hormone to double at this stage so it shouldn't be darker than the control line yet.

SleepFreeZone Mon 27-Mar-17 18:09:29

Looks great to me! 💐

mariamama123 Mon 27-Mar-17 18:13:59

SleepFreeZone, IndianaMoleWoman, thank you so much. I think I will do a beta tomorrow just to put my mind at ease. It's soooooo stressful!

CatsCantFlyFast Mon 27-Mar-17 18:18:02

Just to add - the concentration of urine varies from day to day depending on a number of variables so tests are never really comparable, and this, along with the fact that the amount of dye in the tests varies, as does the time/amount of urine that the test is exposed to, means that you're always going to see variance in the strength of lines.

mariamama123 Mon 27-Mar-17 18:24:49

NotWithoutMyMerkin I sure hope you're right! You just see all ladies posting these super dark tests and I know with my first pregnancy my test line was darker than control just a few days after it was faint!

Writerwannabe83 Mon 27-Mar-17 20:08:16

Those lines look fab!!

mariamama123 Tue 28-Mar-17 14:24:13

Update: went for betas today and my HCG is only 72...lines are the same as yesterday....I will retake in another 3 days, but this is not looking good. 6 days ago CB digi showed "pregnant 1-2" which means my levels were at least that makes doubling times around 90 hours...this really sucks!

ifeellikechickentonight Tue 28-Mar-17 17:39:59

Good luck Maria

SleepFreeZone Tue 28-Mar-17 17:55:57

Oh Maria I'm sorry that wasn't better news for you 😔

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