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13dpo symptom advice!

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lou9322 Sat 25-Mar-17 15:42:06

So 'I'm looking for some advice or encouragement that I'm not going in crazy in this 2ww!
So a bit of background info, I'm tracking my cycles at the moment to get a better idea of my cycle length. I have 32 day cycles, so this month ovulation was around cd16/17. Me an my partner bd'd on cd 13.
This was the first month I have ever experienced ovulation bleeding and also noticed I had a Nabothian cyst that disappeared about 2dpo.

So I am currently 13dpo and feeling odd! I'm trying hard to not symptom spot but here's what is going on so far:
- Very very mild cramps for about 4 days now, that tend to just be on the right side (unusual for me I normally cramp 2-3days before AF and they tend to be pretty painful enough to need pain killers!)
- Waves of nausea
- Exhaustion!
- Tried to have alcohol last night managed one glass and was in bed by ten feeling super sick and hungover!!
- feeling hotter than usual (I'm always cold so this is unusual for me)
- Cervix is high, and closed and feels slightly tilted to the right.
- No CM

I have no sore bb's but then again never get sore bb's even with AF.
I know lots of these symptoms are AF related so don't want to get my hopes up too much. Had a negative on FRER this morning, but not with FMU.
Just wanted to know if anyone else experienced this at 13dpo then went on to have a BFP a few days later?
Feel like I'm going crazy and AF will just show but feel so different this month!

SillySausage34 Sat 25-Mar-17 15:52:56

I've always had BFPA by 13dpo but my cycle is more like 27 days. Thats quite a difference from yours.

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