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5w, negative test????

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Canyouseethis Sat 25-Mar-17 12:06:28

Am a recurrent miscarriage sufferer but this isn't my usual M.O.

Had a faint positive on a cheapie 6 days ago, have had 1-2w on a digital 5 days ago. Since then no line progression at all (have done a cheapie every day). Did have a positive digital yesterday but today's cheapie wasn't even a squinter. It was completely negative.

Is it a case of just waiting for the inevitable?

Sorry if this posts offends anyone? I couldn't see a miscarriage / loss section.

BaxterStockboy Sat 25-Mar-17 14:34:23

Are you using different tests? Could it be the ones you used today are less sensitive than the ones before? Did you use fmu? Hope it all works out for you.

Canyouseethis Sat 25-Mar-17 15:14:10

It's a different batch of cheapies. So I've been getting the very faint and now negative over 2 different batches. And yes always FMU but I've tried in daytime too.

5w would usually (for me) yield very strong lines. I've had 2 successful pregnancies as well as 4 miscarriages even my miscarriages have had better lines than this

Thanks though.

LisaSimpsonsbff Sat 25-Mar-17 21:17:50

I'm so sorry but that's exactly what happened with my loss at five weeks (a couple of weeks ago). I started bleeding two days after the test went completely negative. I hope that it isn't the case for you - so sorry that you're having to go through this worry and upset flowers

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