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Annoying myself

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IfeelFloopy Sat 25-Mar-17 08:48:58

I've been on mumsnet now for a good few months. This month was our first month TTC. I told my boyfriend that I want us to take a relaxed approach to it for a while - trying without obsessively peeing on sticks. And then if nothing is happening for a while I will get some and yes, probably become a bit obsessive.

I gave myself a talking to that I would not take every little pull, twinge and change as a sign of pregnancy, and now here I am doing exactly that! I am annoying myself as I doubt that I actually am pregnant. Anyone else??

broodylady123 Sat 25-Mar-17 09:18:28

I feel you, been ntnp since 2015. I poas EVERY. Single. Month. envyangryblushhmm

It's awful to do especially with chemicals, but I know more than most it's difficult to stop!

Zaberwocky Sat 25-Mar-17 09:18:47

Perfectly normal grin

Honestly I was still like that for a good year after we started TTC! I eventually calmed down.

IfeelFloopy Sat 25-Mar-17 10:26:52

It's so difficult to just put out of your mind for a couple of weeks! Though to be fair I have had months in the past where, I'd have thought I was pregnant had we of been trying.

I know from reading lots of posts on here that conceiving isn't always as easy as you're led to believe until you try. I think our chances this month were slim for certain reasons anyway but apparently I've still managed to convince myself jay my body is doing things that it doesn't usually 🙄

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