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One day late,don't dare get excited!

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HappyCrazyTired Sat 25-Mar-17 07:31:19

I'm 42 and have been trying for 10 months now & my period was due yesterday. Have had no spotting this month which I usually get a couple of days before it starts & no sore nipples which I usually a week before. I'm not ready to test as I'm not ready to be disappointed again this month. Anyone else at the same point and want to wait with me ?

HeyJupiter Sat 25-Mar-17 07:34:46

Not in same place but wanted to wish you lots of good luck smile

MrsBobDylan Sat 25-Mar-17 08:13:04

Good luck and respect for not testing! When will you test?

HappyCrazyTired Sat 25-Mar-17 08:23:12

Holding out as long as I can,I've had the flu so part of me thinks I'm only late because I've been ill but I'm enjoying being a little excited. Just hope this is my month 🤞🏻

MrsBobDylan Sat 25-Mar-17 14:58:42

Well, good luck for no AF or bfp - hope it's your month!

CreativeNamePending Sat 25-Mar-17 15:05:50

Its a good idea holding off for a bit, I got BFNs 3 and 4 days after period was due, then when I was 7 days late tested again and got bfps smile

Wombletor Sat 25-Mar-17 16:18:59

Good luck!

user1471496670 Sat 25-Mar-17 16:41:07

Good luck...keeping everything crossed for you xx

Misssmoo Sat 25-Mar-17 16:55:05

Fingers crossed for u xx

HappyCrazyTired Sat 25-Mar-17 17:32:23

Nothing yet so holding my breath and keeping everything crossed. Keep getting the occasional bit of backache but remember getting the same with my last 2 😊

HappyCrazyTired Wed 29-Mar-17 12:23:08

AF started last night,fingers crossed for next month although I'm beginning to give up hope it ever going to happen...

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