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I couldn't be, could I?

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GottaCatchEmAll137 Fri 24-Mar-17 20:01:12

My partner and I DTD unprotected last Saturday. This must have been at least 4/5 days post ovulation although I have no idea when I actually ovulated. Anyway I normally have a 26 day cycle bang on and AF was due yesterday but hasn't made an appearance yet which is unusual for me. I've also had some odd symptoms like my breasts have never felt so sore and swollen, beyond any pre-menstrual symptoms I've ever had. Tonight, I sat down to a long awaited glass of white wine and it had the most acrid, bitter smell and taste. Thought it was off although DP said it was fine but he got us another bottle of a different wine anyway. Same smell and taste! Also awful acne breakout and very tired. I am right that it wouldn't be at all possible to get PG so far after (presumed) ovulation and that these symptoms must be something else? We were planning on TTC later on this year anyway so it would be welcome news. Any thoughts appreciated.

Hippychic79 Fri 24-Mar-17 20:03:38

I would do a test -
It sounds like you might be
Good luck

WelshMammy123 Fri 24-Mar-17 20:24:21

Yes I'd do a test as well. Our bodies are a bit weird I think and nothing seems to be beyond the realm of possibility. For what it's worth going off wine is one of my first signs of pregnancy! X

Sazwest Fri 24-Mar-17 21:13:14

I would do a test xx

SolomanDaisy Fri 24-Mar-17 21:18:17

There's no point doing a test six days after unprotected sex. You obviously ovulated later than you thought, so may be pregnant. But you won't be having symptoms or positive tests yet.

GottaCatchEmAll137 Fri 24-Mar-17 21:47:11

Thank you all for your advice. I will give AF a few more days to show and then maybe test just on the off chance.

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