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Can you conceive the day AF due?

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Misscheifmaker Thu 23-Mar-17 14:34:51

So I was due on the 13th March so because of that we decided to have a cheeky session cause you know what are the odds? Back story here is that I have an ivf 5 year old, a surprise 2 year old that baffled doctors as both me and dh are considered infertile.

I am never later than 1/2 days.

But 10 days on no af, although display have a single spot on the Saturday but all bloating and pretty symptons have disappeared.

This is impossible right? Did test this morning and was negative but although af very late it's only 10 days since I dtd..

It's going to be a huge shock if I am. I'm 38. First baby took 5 years, 2nd two years. Or am I menopausal?

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