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Over 2weeks late. Going crazy

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MummyBearToOne1988 Wed 22-Mar-17 21:43:20

Ok. So I'm New here. We have been ttc since November when I had the mirena coil removed. Had a chemical pregnancy and since then i reckon I am 2 weeks or just over late. I have nausea, bigger boobs, exhausted, swollen tummy... the list goes on. All I get is BFN!! It's frustrating. I do however get a faint line on opks but only on first wee. Did anyone else experience similar? Xx

turquoise88 Wed 22-Mar-17 21:45:07

Have you tried different test brands? I'd probably wait it out another week and book a Drs appointment I think.

MummyBearToOne1988 Wed 22-Mar-17 21:48:52

Hi there. Yes I tried the cheapy ones off Amazon. Then I tried the cb digital. I was naughty (and a tad obsessed) so I broke the digital one open and there's 3 lines there. hmm

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