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12 DPO symptoms still no BFP

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PositiveThinkingCG37 Wed 22-Mar-17 12:55:33

OK so last few days so weird...

So far I've had cottage cheese cm at 9dpo...

Not sore boobs but tingling and itchy... i saw a vein but it's faded...

Tugging feeling everyday

Nausea... comes and goes...

Off coffee!!! So not like me!!!! Headache this gone.

Peeing. A lot!

Hungry Nausea comes and no goes... can't finish lunch... but I'll be hungry later...

Overwhelming thirst randomly...

Got none of this last month!

I didn't test yesterday.. holding out til Friday... AF due Saturday...

Any thoughts??

Thanks ladies!!!

NaturWilde Wed 22-Mar-17 14:11:51

Am a few days behind you...trying to wait til 12dpo but it is best to wait until after your missed period! Not long now!

The symptoms are all, of course, possible pre-menstrual symptoms too, so it's hard!

Fingers x for you!

SausageBrain Wed 22-Mar-17 14:18:08

Could be something could be just a random crazy month. Think I've had every pg symptom going at one point or another, as well as some other weird ones!

Having said that, if you usually don't really have any symptoms, this all sounds promising! The only way to know for sure though is to test!

Understand you wanting to hold out though, I am 13 dpo so could probably test but prefer to wait and see if af will turn up first (I can continue living in delusional hope this way blush). I don't have a lot of symptoms like you though, i've been symptom spotting like an absolute maniac for the entire 2ww but now it's nearly over all symptoms seem to have disappeared (except sore boobs) so don't think that's a good sign!

Finger crossed for you for Friday, keep me posted! smile

PositiveThinkingCG37 Wed 22-Mar-17 15:20:59

Yeah totally agree wiry both of you!

I normally don't get many symptoms for normal af except sore boobs... never had tingling or itchy before...

And the cm... never seen it like this... watery with white lumps and no scent! I'm trying to just pick out symptoms I can't imagine really... I've also been getting hot... I'm normally an ice cube 24/7!

Fingers crossed for us all !! Will update after weekend xx

PositiveThinkingCG37 Thu 23-Mar-17 12:48:24


I've not tested since 11 dpo and I'm 13 dpo now.. not due after til Saturday

All symptoms except sore boobs and nausea aren't as dominant apart from the fact I still don't want coffee...

Get twinges similar to afford cramps and feeling spaced out and not myself...

No sign of spotting

Testing tomorrow.


SausageBrain Thu 23-Mar-17 14:17:01

Good luck PositiveThinkingCG37, keep us posted!

I may have got a bfp today (am in disbelief & testing tomorrow morning to double check!!) but i don't really have any symptoms apart from sore boobs and twinges rather than cramps. This is despite having every symptom going in the 2ww! So you never know....could be looking good for you!

Look forward to seeing your update, got my fingers crossed for you. xx

PositiveThinkingCG37 Thu 23-Mar-17 15:23:39

Ah wow!! Keep me posted on progress.... cramps and twinges gone and my kept boobs is sore under my arm!!! Really uncomfortable! Fingers crossed!! Xx

PositiveThinkingCG37 Fri 24-Mar-17 12:09:59

Dpo 14... negative test this morning (although I thought I saw the faintest shadow my husband can't see it)

No sign of AF so far. I would normally spot by the end of the day before which would be tonight... if no spotting will test tomorrow...

Not keen on sainsburys tests as even though there's a cap it comes off and still leaks! Eww!

Tingling nips and sore boobs again but not as much as yesterday... still peeing a lot.

A bit if tugging not the same as after cramps. Could be wind though...

No nausea and aversion to coffee might not be there anymore... long post sorry...

Will feel daft if this all comes to nothing!!! 😣

SausageBrain Fri 24-Mar-17 13:01:01

Don't feel daft! It's the nature of the ttc game! And this is the best place to get all of this stuff out, everyone here is in the same boat and no-one would think you were silly at all.

Sorry to hear bfn still but no af is a good sign still - you're not officially out until she shows!! Have you tried testing using a first response? the early result ones are really sensitive i think and most on here recommend them if unclear result on other tests. A shadow of a line sounds promising though, hopefully it will all become a bit clearer for you tomorrow.

I did a frer this morning after not trusting the sainsbury's ones i used yesterday and was a bfp again, so think i need to start accepting i'm actually pregnant!

Keep me updated after you test again! Come on bfp!!!

PositiveThinkingCG37 Fri 24-Mar-17 17:42:22

Thanks for the reply smile

TMI post (sorry)

It's all gone a bit strange - When I normally get AF I get it bang on but lunch time today I got very light pink watery discharge with EWCM then this afternoon I checked and the tampon - which would normally be full wasn't and has brown/dark red again with EGCM. I normally cramp so bad I can't stand up and litterally floodgates but this is different.... I feel really sick too... cramps I have are the tugging cramps I've had for a few days....

Now this could just be AF messing with me like the bitch she is.... but @RawMum who I've been chatting to on twitter has had this same thing and got a BFP at CD 33... I know I'm clutching at straws now but I still don't want to rule everything out unless I get bleeding for more than two days... won't test again unless this happens...

Will keep you updated though - appreciate the support!! smile

(btw if you are on twitter I'm @me2mummy smile )


AprilSkies44 Fri 24-Mar-17 19:21:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PositiveThinkingCG37 Fri 24-Mar-17 21:25:18

The struggle is real AprilSkies!
Fingers crossed for you too!!!

PositiveThinkingCG37 Sun 26-Mar-17 21:23:17

No joy 😐

Thinking positive for cycle 3!!

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