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Newbie Looking For Advice

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DazzleGem Wed 22-Mar-17 10:36:42

Good morning smile

I've been reading the forums for a few weeks but this is my first post.
I'm currently in my first month of trying to conceive. I kept track of my cycle days for a few months before:

Dec - Jan - 31 Days
Jan - Feb - 30 Days
Feb - Mar - now at 32 Days

I took a pregnancy test this morning (clearblue digital with predictor) as I figured I'm around a day late but it was negative. sad

I did also use a First Response on Cycle Day 27 but that was negative too.

It's still so early for me to understand all this but I was wondering if it was still possible for me to be pregnant?

And also, if I'm not how to predict by ovulation day for next month? This month we tried to conceive on Cycle Days 14, 15, 16, 17 & 18.

I read about changes in CM etc but I didn't really notice, so I'm not even sure when I ovulate.

Any advice for this newbie would be appreciated!


WantToGoingTo Wed 22-Mar-17 17:18:41

Get yourself some ovulation tests as starting sex on cd14 seems late unless you know you ovulate late. Sex is best in couple days before and day of ovulation. An ovulation test will detect surge in lh which occurs 12-36hrs before you ovulate. Average is to ovulate on cd14 but you could be ovulating earlier. We normally start dtd every other day (or every day!) from cd10 until a day after I get a positive opk. This moth my positive opk was on cd14 so I ovulated on CD15. Once you know when you are ovulating in your cycle you will be able to time dtd better!

Could also try temping - when you ovulate there is a dip in temperature then a sudden spike and temp remains high then dips again at af or remains high if pregnant.

WantToGoingTo Wed 22-Mar-17 17:19:43

I once ovulated as early as cd10 so it is possible to change month on month too!

Jem2013scout Wed 22-Mar-17 17:19:56

The clear blue digital arent that sensitive!

I got two very faint lines with first response, waited 3 days to take a digital so it was written down in words for my partner! smile

Try another FRER? x

bingandabong Wed 22-Mar-17 17:25:36

My cycle were similar to yours OP and I never noticed a different in my CM after a year of trying, I started using ovulation sticks and found out I was ovulating very early ( and at different times each month) so would really recommend getting some. Since having my DS my cycles have sorted themselves and I'm now 28days and I know when I'm ovulating as get lots of symptoms so hoping next time trying to conceive will be easier.

DazzleGem Wed 22-Mar-17 18:10:29

Thank you for the replies.

I didnt think it worth mentioning my trying before CD 14 but I've looked at my app that I logged so this month. The first day of my last period was 19th February and we tried on Cycle Days 8,9,10,12,13,14,15,16,17 & 18 - phew! Can you tell this was our first month ttc? wink

I've just went to Boots and bought four First Response tests...if AF doesn't show tonight should I just test every morning for the next 4 days?

Thanks xxx

WantToGoingTo Wed 22-Mar-17 18:55:43

Woah dazzle that is some serious dtd! I am very impressed! We managed cd4,11,12,13,15,25 and I thought that was a lot!

I don't trust any pregnancy tests except FRER so second using one of those tomorrow as you are already late. Yes if af doesn't show and bfn tomorrow I would wait 48hrs and test again.

But regardless ov sticks are v useful

DazzleGem Wed 22-Mar-17 19:08:03

@WantToGoingTo Haha I'm not sure we will be able to keep that momentum up grin!

I'm glad I bought FRER I've heard good reviews.
I'm off to Portugal tomorrow so I wanted to know before we went but it's only for a few nights so I'll just avoid the wine (dammit!) until I know for sure!

Good luck with your cycle too!

I don't feel any symptoms, a bit of cramping here and there but nothing I can tell what way this is going to go the next few days!!!

DazzleGem Thu 23-Mar-17 06:13:02

Tested with FRER first thing this morning and negative confused

Still no sign of AF!

DazzleGem Thu 23-Mar-17 19:45:15

Arghhh still nothing.
This is driving me mad sad

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