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Implant removal and fertility?

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user1490100454 Tue 21-Mar-17 12:54:47

Hi all
I've had my nexplanon implant out on 17/3/17 having had it in since 17/11/16 and it's not been agreeing with me - I no longer felt like me and was very anxious and sickly.

I have not had a withdrawal bleed yet and didn't have a regular period on the implant just spotting at the start. Anyone know how long it takes your fertility to return and to get a BFP?! How long with no AF do I go back to the doctors and start to worry?

We're dtd both days on the weekend as OH works away through the week. Fingers crossed wel have a baby shortly !!

Chamonix1 Tue 21-Mar-17 15:03:57

Had my implant out in Dec 16, just got a faint positive today smile
I like you had zero periods just spotting at the beginning of implant.
Good luck!

ScarletSienna Tue 21-Mar-17 16:02:29

I got pregnant in the first cycle after having mine out the last time. No period or withdrawal bleed either.

I just had it taken out again and it's taken 2 months for period to come back and only a three day light period at that. I don't have any periods when it is in.

Abbieben123 Tue 21-Mar-17 20:07:59

Hi all.1st time ever posting and looking for some advice and opinions.came off implanon to ttc and had a period after a few days on the 2nd of march and a positive ovulation test a week past on the Saturday just there, so we have dtd lots lol and now since last night i thought i had an implantation bleed (due period on the 30th) its was very pinky and light but now this evening its heavier and darker red so im guessing its a period. I have slight cramp but nothing major and ive never cramped now im faced with 2 periods in 18 days and now not knowing when i ovulate or what my cycle is and i was sure id managed get it right but i no its probs way to quick 😢😢 so now i need to start again from today and test for ovulation i guess ? (Had 5 implants and 3 pregnancys 1 was a mc and all times i conceived in weeks after implant removal) so to cap it off i was hoping it was implantation bleed but now but so sure thanks guys xxxxx

ScarletSienna Tue 21-Mar-17 22:36:38

I think I'm in a similar boat-pregnant first time within 3 weeks of removal but this time only just got period at the beginning of the month and starting to get cramps again now. It's an utter mystery!

Abbieben123 Wed 22-Mar-17 09:24:08

Its so anoying as i thought yay my cycles normal after removal to now having 2 periods in 18 days so now i need to start the whole ovulation tracking again lol xxx

user1490100454 Wed 22-Mar-17 11:03:54

I feel like I'm getting my AF but still nothing. I hope I'm as lucky as some of you to get pregnant quickly - never thought having the implant would mess our bodies up so much! Xx

Abbieben123 Wed 22-Mar-17 13:56:24

Fingers crossed for u hun i have the last few times.i had a bleed a few days after i got it out and i assumed it was af but thinking it was amybe just a bleed and this is my 1st proper af so now ill chart and work out my ovulation and try again think the last few weeks of trying maybe was just a bit quick and wishful thinking on my part lol xxx

ScarletSienna Wed 22-Mar-17 22:30:34

As soon as it is out, we should be fertile again but I think this time round for me, breastfeeding is causing the delays. I was told this time to wait a cycle as the first one may result in too thin lining which can increase miscarriage risk. Good luck

WinkyisbackontheButterBeer Wed 22-Mar-17 22:44:13

I was on it for ten years. Had it removed in November, light bleed a week after, a week off and then a heavy bleed for a week.

In Jan I had a very light bleed which I realised must have been implantation bleeding.
Fertility seems to come back quite quickly but can be off for a month or so. Good luck all

Abbieben123 Wed 22-Mar-17 22:49:21

Im only on week 3 or 4 since having it out and had 2 bleeds in the last18 days so def a bit soon to fall but hopefully after this bleed things will be back in a cycle xx

Abbieben123 Thu 23-Mar-17 16:08:58

Right so this bleed has stopped now so in total 2 full days. the bleed i had on the 2nd march was a full 5/6 day period so i dnt no if this is another short period in less than 3 weeks or just a random bleed. i had hoped implantation bleed as was only 2 days but think it was a bit red and probs heavier than what that should be man i dnt no what to option is ovulation strips as ive had a bfn so dnt think i am pg.the bleed just stopped today but didnt think i was due my periods till the 30th march xxx

user1490100454 Thu 23-Mar-17 18:39:46

Aw bless you, our bodies will settle themselves back into a rhythem soon. I've still not got AF although feel like it's looming - no idea what's going on confused

Abbieben123 Thu 23-Mar-17 21:13:34

I just wish i new if this 2 day bleed was a funny period or an IB but only time will tell i guess xxx

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