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Clearblue ovulation tests - 5days flashing smiley?

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emmyhNL Mon 20-Mar-17 14:36:50

Hi all, looking for some advice. We're TTC baby #2 and because my cycles are all over the place I decided to try the clear blue advanced ovulation kit that gives you the 4 best days to conceive.

All sounds great. I have a week window that I've guessed so start tracking.
Day 1: nothing (plain 0)
Day 2: slight cramp, bit of blood on tissue
Days 2-5: flashing smiley showing high fertility.

I've never got a full on smiley to indicate the surge of ovulation and am trying to work out if I fork out the money on another kit or whether to try a different one?

Has anyone got any tips? I'm following the instructions to the letter but not sure what to do.

Baby #1 is 1 year old, I'm still breastfeeding but have had 3 periods so far.

Anyone any tips? Also are there better ovulation trackers out there?

SoapyChoc Mon 20-Mar-17 14:43:38

I am using these this month, am on day 7 of flashing smiley. The instructions say that 25% of women in their study had 5-9 high days before peak so hopefully you will get peak soon.

Good luck.

emmyhNL Mon 20-Mar-17 16:22:04

Thanks Soapy! That's interesting to know. The information Ive read has been a little different (that it can just be naturally high hormones) so I hope its just a longer build up and I've not missed it completely!

I hope that you get your surge soon too!

Littleonek Mon 20-Mar-17 16:26:07

Ive used these test this month and had a flashy smiley face for 9 days and gave up using them. My body tempture changed after the third day of using them so I think that is when I ovulated. The tests didnt pick it up. I did some research into it and apparently a lot of people find the tests dont show a non flashing face but other brands did.

I kept on getting an error message using them a few times. Turns out I couldnt use the cup method and they only seem to work holding them in my stream. I found these tests very frustrating! Once Ive used my sticks up I wont be using them again! I tried the boots own branded ones much more useful with no errors!

emmyhNL Mon 20-Mar-17 21:32:51

Thanks Littleonek: for me the stream doesn't work but the pot of urine does (I can't pee for more than the 20 seconds it needs!).

I've been reading more about the science behind how the tests work and it appears that the sensitivity of the tests can give false positives depending on the time you test and duration.

They recommend making sure that there's at least 4hrs between the test or first urine but I've yet to see a direct proof for me of this actually working.

Let's see if tomorrow brings a flashing smiley....

Littleonek Mon 20-Mar-17 21:38:27

Thats interesting you found that out! The quick google searching I did said you have to do yr first pee to get an accurate result and the top part of the leaflet said the same thing.

Im going to stick to the cheap own branded ones as the digital element of these tests annoys me with random errors and conflicting results.

I also got the clear blue digital pregnancy tests in bulk ages ago. But recently did some research into them and apparently they are not good to use as they arent sensitive enough. Apparently people rate the first response tests much better. So dont fall into the trap of getting the clear blue pregnancy tests like I did! sad

emmyhNL Mon 20-Mar-17 21:59:11

Yeah. I've read the same about clearblue pregnancy tests... I've got two in stock so once they're gone, I'll switch. I've heard the boots own brand ones are good too

I was reading how to use the tests and they said (paraphrase as I can't find the link on my phone): tests should be done a minimum of 12 hrs apart and with a break of 4hrs with no urination to get a significant build up of hormone.

After this round I think I'll be choosing something else. I was doing my temperature measuring but my DD needed my thermometer herself the past few days.

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