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Sazwest Mon 20-Mar-17 08:35:33

So AF has started to arrive this morning with a bit of spotting, makes me sound thick but do I class spotting as day 1 of my cycle xxx

WelshMammy123 Mon 20-Mar-17 08:39:43


Sorry AF has arrived. I think everyone is different in terms of whether they'd count that as day 1 or not. I don't tend to get spotting but don't generally think of it being day 1 until AF has arrived properly. Perhaps see how the day progresses and work it out from there? X

Sazwest Mon 20-Mar-17 08:44:04

Yeh I always spot for 2-3 days then boom heavy as anything xx

beingsunny Mon 20-Mar-17 08:55:31

I was told that if Af arrived in full in the morning that's day 1 if it's afternoon it's counted for the next day.

I always spot for a few days before

NaturWilde Mon 20-Mar-17 09:00:41

I've commented on your other thread. But given what you describe here, is count the full flow as CD1.

NaturWilde Mon 20-Mar-17 09:00:50

*I'd count

Sazwest Mon 20-Mar-17 09:39:21

So wait till I bleed properly then class that at day 1 x

SausageBrain Mon 20-Mar-17 10:04:01

Hi, newbie here so hope you don't mind me chipping in! So sorry af looks to be on her way for you. flowers I just wanted to say that i too get 2-3 days of spotting before af and was never sure when to count as cd1 but was told that cd1 is the first day of full red flow. My ovia app also seems to count first day of proper bleeding as cd1 for what it's worth.

Sazwest Mon 20-Mar-17 10:19:06

Cheers @SausageBrain xx

Sazwest Mon 20-Mar-17 11:02:13

Been to the loo and it's like a pinky colour really light xx

NaturWilde Mon 20-Mar-17 11:08:06

Is your spotting usually like that?

Have you tested?

Sazwest Mon 20-Mar-17 11:26:28

No it's normally bright red like blood blood as soon as I wipe and this is like a really light pink and no not tested since Friday xx

NaturWilde Mon 20-Mar-17 11:53:01

Ok, so all you can do it keep an eye on it.

Do you plan to test? How long does your spotting usually last?

I'm 37 so often at that age cycles can start to change? Is this a possibility?

Sazwest Mon 20-Mar-17 11:57:55

I'm 32 and I've always been 28days. I tested Friday and was negative xx

Sazwest Mon 20-Mar-17 11:58:38

Spotting always last 2-3 days but it's always been bright red like period blood and never been light pink xx

NaturWilde Mon 20-Mar-17 12:09:50

Then something is amiss!

Could be just one of those things, pregnancy...frustrating but only time will tell.

Is it on your mind a lot?

Sazwest Mon 20-Mar-17 12:38:55

Yes and no. Just been to the loo it's starting to get more just not loads like normal xx

WantToGoingTo Mon 20-Mar-17 19:16:23

I don't count spotting, but I spot brown. When it's red I count as day 1 as it's in full flow by then

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