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Pre AF spotting (not pregnant)

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nivky Mon 20-Mar-17 05:34:26

Hi All, since my miscarriage 7 months ago, I have started spotting, having a light pink bleed before my AF arrives. My bbt remains high and only drops on day of AF. My spotting seems to be getting earlier and earlier and last two months has started at 8dpo - 6 days before AF is due. My AF then only last one real full day. Has anybody had this and actually got answers from docs? My doc took blood work and all ok and I'm being sent to fertility clinic but NHS keep cancelling my appointment. Just another thing to worry about why I'm not falling pregnant. sigh

haveacupoftea Mon 20-Mar-17 21:38:41

I think this is a symptom of low progesterone - progesterone treatment may prevent further miscarriages. Maybe best to ask on the miscarriage or infertility board x

upforathird Mon 20-Mar-17 21:53:09

Just to reassure you that I've always had spotting before AF and conceived no problem (took a few months but still it happened!) I got myself all worried about it but there was no need.

Betsyboo87 Fri 26-May-17 17:25:39

I know this thread is a couple of months old but wanted to jump on and see if there is anyone else with this problem? I get 5-6 of spotting before af every month. I went to the gp about 7-8 years ago and did have chlamydia (why do I feel so shameful?) but it was treated and the spotting didn't go so the gp wasn't too concerned. Now I'm ttc I'm worried about it from a fertility point of view and I've seen a gynae but again, she wasn't very concerned. However I'm now on cycle 6 and getting concerned that it's stopping me from conceiving (or the chlamydia is.....).

nivky Fri 26-May-17 18:57:02

I am still getting this spotting 11 months after my first mc and not got bfp yet. Doc checked my hormones and progesterone and all is normal. It's really frustrating as I feel it's stopping me getting pregnant or another part thinks it's my body rejecting implantation as it always happens at approx 8dpo. Sorry no good news here.

happybus28 Fri 26-May-17 20:12:15

I've had this my last 2 cycles, started spotting anywhere from 6-8 dpo and spotted every day until AF. It's not much it's just a bit on the tissue after going for a wee but enough to be concerning confused I've taken vitamin B6 this cycle to try and prevent it but not sure if it'll work. Currently 5dpo and none so far....

Betsyboo87 Fri 26-May-17 20:27:40

Oh nivky I was hoping you'd have some bfp news! I really hope it works out for you soon. Mine is pretty light for 3-4 days and then gets heavier the day before af. I never need more than a thin liner but it's still worry to me. I've probably started TTC in the wrong frame of mind as I was convinced from cycle 1 it was a problem. I started b complex a week or so ago so I'll see how this cycle goes. Good luck to you too happybus.

happybus28 Fri 26-May-17 20:42:13

thanks betsy hope the b complex works for you!

nivky Mon 03-Jul-17 08:44:58

Has anybody had any good news? I went to docs and all blood tests back good and checked cervix and all good. I'm 10 dpo and starting light bleeding/spotting again. On my 13 cycle ttc after miscarriage and losing hope.

Betsyboo87 Mon 17-Jul-17 21:06:25

Sorry no exciting news from me yet either and the b complex didn't seem to help.

This month has been totally weird and if it isn't successful then I'll be back to the Dr. I had one incident of spotting orange (WTF!) at 5dpo then it stopped for a day before starting again at 7dpo. Usually it doesn't start until 9dpo and continues until af arrives at 15dpo. I'm now at 12dpo and it was so heavy last night I was convinced af was coming early (which would explain why it started so early this month). I didn't track but I'm pretty sure I didn't ov early as I saw ewcm at CD14.

Sorry for the babble! You probably didn't need the full story but I needed to get it out!

Flashinthepan Mon 17-Jul-17 22:00:57

Just to say, I've spotted from ovulation through my LP until the day of af since my ectopic nearly 18 months ago. GP and gynae couldn't find a cause. Someone on the infertility boards who'd had the same problem.for 2 years recommended Agnus castus. Started taking it this cycle and I'm.6 dpo and have had no spotting so far! I can't say you should definitely try it but I would recommend looking into it. Now I've just got to hope for a bfp soon! Good luck.

whoositer Mon 17-Jul-17 22:14:38

Can I recommend acupuncture? I used have this - days and days of spotting before and after my period so couldn't really ID where my actual period stopped and started. Had acupuncture and it literally re-started my cycle, one month totally normal and then got pregnant. This was years ago but It's recurring now since my last DC - keep meaning to go and have some sessions again when I have time/money....

nivky Mon 17-Jul-17 22:29:47

Thanks Flashinthepan, I will certainly give this a go. I have tried acupuncture and it didn't do anything for me unfortunately. My results so far are all normal but doc is sending me for a laparoscopy etc but in NHS waiting game for that. My only concern is that I read that light pink bleeding starting 4 to 7 days pre af can be sign of PID and can be caused by miscarriage. Doc says it's unlikely but have to wait for op to check. As this can lead to infertility and I do have strange cramping I am a little stressed out and impatient...but only time will tell.

Betsyboo87 Mon 17-Jul-17 22:32:12

Thanks for the tips! I will get hold of some agnus castus as I have also read about that elsewhere. I did try acupuncture for a few months but it didn't make a difference. I have heard success stories about it though so maybe I didn't give it enough of a chance.

I have never tested early but had to pop to the supermarket earlier and bought some. BFN. So annoying and totally regret doing it as now I just have to wait for af to arrive.

MouseLove Mon 17-Jul-17 22:32:44

I've never spotted before but I'm now spotting for 1 or 2 days before light flow. I had a mmc at 10 weeks in early February. Other than my very short AFs (2-3 days) nothing else is weird.

I'm so sorry for your loss and your continued struggles, there's obviously something not right if you are spotting for such a long time. Do you have other children? A doctor would surely investigate if it's your first.

Have you tried any supplements to stop the spotting? I'm not sure what you could take but I'm sure someone maybe able to point you in the right direction for luteal phase defects?

Betsyboo87 Mon 17-Jul-17 22:37:16

Nivky we posted at similar times. Try not to google it too much as you'll always panic when you see the negative stories. Mine is actually brown spotting so old blood which I believe can be a sign of endo.

Anyway now I'm out for this month I'm going to get another drs appt to make me feel more positive whilst waiting for af.

nivky Mon 17-Jul-17 23:30:13

Betsyboo87 it's so frustrating hey. Guess all we can do is keep pushing the docs for answers until we finally get some answers or a bfp. Let us know how it goes at the docs.

Betsyboo87 Tue 18-Jul-17 00:02:14

Yep I hear you Nivky! I'll definitely keep this updated. I should be able to get an appointment for when af is done. Hopefully they'll at least do a progesterone test. Let me know how things go for you too.

Mouse I'm sorry to hear about your mmc. This will be my first so I should wait for a year before the drs will investigate. I have previously paid for a private appointment though.

JeNeBaguetteRien Tue 18-Jul-17 18:36:08

I tend to have spotting for up to a week before AF. Have had day 21 tests a few times and it appears that I sometimes ovulate and sometimes not. I've been prescribed Clomid, have taken for 2 cycles so far. No difference to the spotting, I'm going to order the agnus castus to give it a try.

nivky Sat 29-Jul-17 09:36:13

Hi All,

I am 11 dpo and not started spotting this month (normally spot at 8dpo) and so tempted a pregnany test this morning and got the faintest line! It has been exactly one year since last miscarriage and since my spotting issues. Trying not to get too excited ....... some say the spotting doesn't stop you getting pregnant may just take time, and here is hoping.,...,

Betsyboo87 Thu 10-Aug-17 22:29:12

Hey nivky I've only just seen this post of yours. How are you getting on? I hope that was your bfp. I'm 8dpo and light spotting is here so feeling a little sorry for myself!

nivky Fri 11-Aug-17 07:32:29

Hey Betsyboo87,
I am on week 5 of pregnancy and hoping it sticks :-). I did start spotting, light bleeding for 5 days at the time of my period, but my af never came and the pregnancy tests kept getting darker. The only thing I did different this month was that I used pre seed. This may have helped....
I have read few people saying that the bleeding doesn't stop getting a bfp but it does make it take longer. On my side it has taken exactly 12 months since I started pre af spotting. Keep pushing your docs for tests though to help ease your thoughts. X

Betsyboo87 Fri 11-Aug-17 12:10:39

Congrats Nivky! I hope this one sticks too and you have a healthy 9 months. I have a u/s booked for if af does show but as I read more positive stories I am feeling better that it will happen and I just need to be patient. Thanks for updating!

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