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So many questions, please help

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BexOx Sun 19-Mar-17 21:59:52

Hi, I'm new here and I have sooo much to ask, so many questions and was wondering if anyone has any advice/support they would be willing to give me. Firstly a little background information.

So, I haven't been on any birth control for 18 months, my periods were fine for around 8 months, I then didn't have a period for 3 months. The doctor was absolutely useless! Told me to either loose weight (without actually weighing me, I'm 13st and 5ft6, not completely out of proportion, I'm happy) or get pregnant 🙄. It did eventually appear again for 4 months, normal for what I can class as normal, a bit hit and miss on days but the last 2 periods (since starting slimming world in Jan) just seem to be manic! I have spotting for a week, have nothing for a couple of days and then have a 'period' for 3 days and that's been it. So, my questions begin ...
1. How can I plan when is best to try and conceive if I don't actually know when my period starts/ends?
2. Are ovulation kits/tests reliable?
3. Would ovulation tests be a good start for me to try and find the best dates for me to try conceive? My partner works away a lot, but he can be back up with me in 2 hours for a 'quicky' on the right day if needed 🙈
4. Would the doctor be able to do anything about my irregular periods?
5. How does anyone else manage to conceive with silly periods?

I have so many more questions but these may just be best to leave for now 😂😊 any help would be greatly appreciated



lisara79 Mon 20-Mar-17 11:31:04

Hi Bex.... I'm not in the same position as have regular periods but a friend of mine was and did manage to get pregnant.... I think the only thing she'd say is that it's really difficult to predict when you ovulate. We talked about it after she got pregnant and she said that the only thing she could control was how often they dtd and so just went for it every other day... you could test with OPKs (they work for me) but, if you have a long cycle, they could cost you a small fortune as you'd need to test every day, probably twice a day. I think I'd start by just "trying" as much as you can and perhaps taking your temperature every morning and noting it all down in a period tracking ap so that you can see any pattern.

I'm not sure if the doc can do anything about your periods but, if you try for 6 months to a year without success, they can look at your fertility. You won't know unless you try.... hope that helps to a degree xx

WantToGoingTo Mon 20-Mar-17 19:19:34

I don't have experience but I would track anything ovulation related so that you can predict with accuracy:

1. Ovulation tests - tell you when lh surge happens which is 12-36hrs before ov
2. Temping (first thing in morning before you get out of bed or do anything to 2 decimal places) a dip in temp then a rise shows that ov has happened
3. Cervical position - high hard and open when ov
4. Cervical mucus - egg white cervical mucus indicates ov

All above together should help you to predict as it would be fairly difficult with irregular periods!

Good luck smile

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