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Pain left hand side for a week now

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Gracie83 Sun 19-Mar-17 19:49:14

Hello I'm new to this site and hoping somebody will be able to put my mind at rest. I come off the pill 3 months ago and this month I noticed sharp pains in my left side when I was supposedly ovulating, I thought it was normal until now as I am still getting it nearly a week later? How long is normal where Ovulation pain is concerned pls? I only feel it now mainly when I try go to the toilet (sorry if Tmi) I have the pink pad app and going off that all last weekend and beginning of this week was my fertile week but for past 3 days are supposed to be normal days now, that's why I'm worried that I'm still having pains. I couldn't really go to the toilet for a no. 2 today as it hurt to much when I tried. Again sorry if tmi. Thanks

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