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Was ttc... just remembered i need my mmr again

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BlueSpottyTiger Sun 19-Mar-17 14:23:28

Ttc last month, af was due yday still waiting for it, I gave in and tested negative again today. So now im just waiting for af which i think is messed up because of b'fing.. anyway... just remembered i was advised to have my mmr done at my 6 week postnatal check up but the nurse didnt do it and i forgot to ask.
(Tested equivocal at 12week bloods for dd)

Does anyone know how long i need to wait after having it to ttc again... what other things do they check for at a pre-natal appointment? I know a nurse can tell me this but thought i would ask here first. Thanks smile

BlueSpottyTiger Sun 19-Mar-17 14:44:12

Infact just found this.. so maybe I'll have a blood test done atleast is it comes back I'm immune (ive had my mmr's done in the past) that way i dont have to stop ttc and could potentially still get next ovulation.
has anyone else tried this after being told they had an equivocal result previously?

AnneLovesGilbert Sun 19-Mar-17 23:20:18

I can't really help on blood tests but when I had my booking appointment remembered I hadn't had my mmr. I was going to have it at my 6 week check post baby but ended up having a mmc so had it after that was over. When I went to get it it turned out I'd had the first one about 10 years ago so just needed the second part. I asked about ttc again and was told it was a month to wait after the second jab but 3 months if you have them both.

I checked the NHS website and it says not to worry if you have the mmr then found out you were pregnant. But a doctor she nurse at my practise said you should wait the recommended month or months if you are ttc.

Good luck! smile

BlueSpottyTiger Mon 20-Mar-17 09:44:00

anne Sorry to hear about your mmc sadflowers x
Thanks for that info 😘I had them when i was younger, but im 24 now and i must have been a baby when i had them so quite a while ago. It's only rubella im concerned about really and there was only 2 reported cases in england (1 of which was a re-infection when she was thought to be immune) in 2016 according to public health england. As of the 27th Jan 2016 they no longer screen for it at 12 week bloods, i beileve. I think I'll try 1 more month and if i dont get pregnant I'll hold off until after my holiday..Rubella only causes serious health problems before 20w and im only concerned because im going to spain at the very end of august but if i did fall pregnant next cycle i would be over 20 weeks by then. So fx hehe

AnneLovesGilbert Mon 20-Mar-17 11:37:14

Thanks Blue, didn't mean to be a downer! Good plan I think, fx for you this month, but if it doesn't happen get yourself a blood test if you can.

I've remembered since I replied to you that I had an extra blood test at my booking appointment, in case I was immune, despite thinking I hadn't hd the MMR at all. I never did get the result back, assume it got lost along the way, so I had it anyway.

Good luck ttc and have a lovely holiday! x

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