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lisara79 Sun 19-Mar-17 01:10:07

Hi all... I have been monitoring ovulation using Opks. I've been testing 2-3 times a day and got my first positive this morning. I then got another at about 3pm but a negative (2 lines but test line fainter) at 8pm. I've been having cramps and pinching feeling all afternoon plus diarrhea (sorry TMI). Could I have ovulated on the same day as the hormone surge? We dtd this evening (plus day before yesterday and before) so hopefully caught it. What are your thoughts ladies? OH away for work from tomorrow so may not get another chance this month. Thanks for any help!

WantToGoingTo Sun 19-Mar-17 06:37:36

Yes. Ovulation occurs 12-24hrs after a first positive so if you tested at 7am and was positive you could have ovulated at 7pm

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