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Period is 8 days late but pregnancy tests are negative

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23andworried Sat 18-Mar-17 19:22:26

I'm 23 and scared that I might be pregnant.

I started the pill on the 31st Jan and had unprotected sex on the 9th Feb and he came inside of me. The pill was making me really anxious and depressed so I stopped taking it on the 18th.

The nurse at the sexual health clinic did say that the pill could effect my periods if I stopped taking it but as I only took it for just over 2 weeks surely it wouldn't effect me that much?

So my period is 8 days late and the 2 pregnancy tests I've done are negative but I'm still really worried that I might be pregnant.

Does anyone have any advice/reassuring words?

Would it be worth going to my doctor to get a blood test done or would it not show up this early?

bluebannana Sun 19-Mar-17 14:25:35

You will find a few people who got very late positives but on the whole pregnancy tests are very accurate once your period is late. Its likely that the hormones from the pill have messed with your cycle. Stress can cause your period to be late too. My period arrived yesterday 23 days late. Don't pannic yet, you could see your GP but they will probably just tell youto test again if Iit still hasn't arrived in another week.

berkshyre Mon 20-Mar-17 03:43:09

I think it's most likely just the pill messing you up. Agree that it's unlikely you'd be 8 days late and getting negatives but still pregnant.

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