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user1470147116 Fri 17-Mar-17 09:47:50

My GP advised me to take Q10 or Ubiquinol while TTC to improve egg quality.

I have been taking these Ubiquinol supplements while TTC:

But I noticed on ingredient list it shows "Emulsifier: soya lecithin"

I've read that you should avoid soya lecithin while TTC.

Any advice? Thoughts?

littlemimosa Fri 17-Mar-17 19:06:01

I am by no means medical but from my extensive ( yes I need to get out more) reading about soya, no it isn't good for fertility. It is rich in phyto-estrogens which mimic estrogen hormones in your body and can therefore disrupt hormonal balance.

For the majority of young women, extra estrogen in the body can lead to infertility, polycystic ovarian syndrome and even certain types of cancer. Men generally don’t need extra estrogen in their systems, either. However, in the case of women over the age of 50 experiencing decreased estrogen levels, extra estrogen can decrease cancer risk, among other benefits.

However, as I understand it you would need to be eating a substantial amount for it to have a detrimental effect. For example consuming soya milk every day in place of dairy, eating loads of tofu etc etc. I would doubt that the tiny amount in those tablets would be too much to put me off taking those Solgar tablets (good brand by the way but woah how expensive are they?!). I'd put money on that the benefits of the ubiquinol would outweighh the soya concerns. You have to be so careful with supplements as loads do have very suspect added ingredients. I was only looking the other day at Holland and Barrett's Ubiquinone/CoQ10 and listed in its ingredients was 'carageenan' which I'd avoid like the plague. Grim. I try to take 'food-grown' supplements such as Wild Nutrition and Pukka make (am currently taking Wild Nutrition Fertility vitamins) but there doesn't seem to be a more natural version of Ubiquinol/CoQ10 out there. Hope this helps.

Phoenix76 Fri 17-Mar-17 23:01:38

I'm a Ubiquinol convert (I've been on here several times about it). After a very long time ttc2 and about to give up I bought Doctors Best Ubiquinol ( has sunflower lecithin) and features Kaneka QH. It's not the cheapest by any means but within a month of taking it (still had one tablet left) I got my bfp. I'm prepared to accept it may have been a coincidence but after so long trying and being 39 I find that hard to believe. Good luck and hope you get your bfp soon.

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