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AprilSkies44 Wed 15-Mar-17 17:08:52

ive never had a positive opk before so today just thought id test at cd 23. positive.
but my cycle is regular as clockwork at 30 days. without fail.

could i actually be ovulating at cd 23 or could i be pg?


Sazwest Wed 15-Mar-17 17:20:10

When is af due xx

AprilSkies44 Wed 15-Mar-17 17:37:37

af due 23rd march. im always spot on 30 days so cant understand a positiv pok at cd 23

Sazwest Wed 15-Mar-17 17:44:40

Only asking Hun as I'm due period on Friday and I took ic opk today and yesterday and both come up with 2 lines today's lines were darker then yesterday's (when I was ovulating it didn't show anything ( I got cb opk which showed up I was ) so I wasn't sure if they were picking up pregnancy or not x

AprilSkies44 Wed 15-Mar-17 19:08:57

is it possible to ovulate so late in a cycle of 30 days?

got a definite positive with both lines same colour but tested again this evening and much fainter line so seems there was a surge and i managed to test when it happened.

im just now really confused as thought i was ovulating much earlier. can there really only be a week between ovulation and AF?

AprilSkies44 Thu 16-Mar-17 07:47:28


NaturWilde Thu 16-Mar-17 10:19:59

Any cycle can be 'unusual'.

If you ovulate later then chances are your period will be late too.

The luteal phase (from ovulation to period) rarely changes in length and so you will likely start your period the same amount of days as usual after you ovulate.

The phase from the first day of your period up to ovulation can vary, as due to many factors you can ovulate early/late.

It could be stress/hormones or no particular reason.

Temping helps so try Kindara app and get a 2 decimal place thermometer if you don't temp already!

LisaSimpsonsbff Thu 16-Mar-17 10:30:29

I'd say there are four possibilities here:

You happen to have ovulated late this month compared to your normal cycle and so AF isn't actually due until later. It could just be a weird coincidence that the cycle you randomly tested late was also a cycle where you ovulated late.

You normally ovulate late and have a short luteal phase. This can be problematic for TTC, but not insurmountably so - search 'short luteal' and you'll see a lot of threads on this.

You did ovulate when you thought you did, and this is a weird hormonal fluctation that you happen to have picked up. It's worth noting that clearblue, for instance, say you shouldn't test again after detected ovulation because it can give some screwy results.

You are pregnant and the OPK picked this up. This would have to mean that you ovulated earlier than you think, since I think it'd be a bit too early if you had ovulated around a week ago (which is presumably what you thought happened?)

When you say you've never had a positive before, how many cycles have you tested for? If multiple and you never see a positive OPK when you think you're ovulating then you may well be ovulating later than you think. If it's just this one then I think this could be a randomly late month - as I said, that does mean you need to be prepared for AF to be late without that necessarily meaning you're pregnant.

AprilSkies44 Thu 16-Mar-17 17:19:52

AF is always 30 days, can set my watch. im going to gp in a few days as im 45 and want to check fertility. i was pg last year but due to complications didnt go ahead and i had a tfmr at 14 weeks in june. i was devastated and started trying again last october. ive been attempting to use the cheapy amazon opk sticks but im useless at it as i work really odd hours and they vary from day to day. i got pg with my angel girl cd 18. i might invest in the clear blue opk.

NaturWilde Thu 16-Mar-17 17:48:55

Oh I'm sorry to hear that.

I think the doctor is in order, yes.

Fingers x for you.

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