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Should I start TTC?

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JadeFeather Wed 15-Mar-17 05:38:38

Hi all
I went off the pill after 3 years of being on it around a year ago. Since then I had regular light "periods" that last two days but over the last few months my periods have started coming every two months. Blood test has come back fine just a bit low on Vitamin D. We were planning to start TTC in August 2017 after my sisters wedding. We are Asian and the wedding is over many days. Im having about 4-5 very expensive outfits made so if I did become
Pregnant before was worried they wouldn't fit and it would mean a few k down the drain! However the period changes coupled with my 30th last month is kind of making me think that's maybe a silly reason for waiting and I should start trying now? I also feel a bit of pressure from people around me and I know people will be asking me on the wedding when I'm planning to start a family. Ideally I would want to start trying in August but I feel conflicted. Any advice?

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